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Famous Nicaraguan Selection 6000 Reviews

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Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Churchill
"Beautifully constructed and peppery"
I am no cigar aficionado, so take this for what it's worth. These cigars are well made, burn well, and draw like a dream. But they are peppery and the last few inches are too strong for my tender palate. I'm glad I bought a bundle, but will stay with the more mild varieties in the future.
Michael Kandrac in Grand Prairie, TX March 15, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Toro
"Yeah, Babies!"
I knew it!! After the explosion of class and taste from Patel's 1971, Patel Brother's Next Generation, Vudu, and Signature Series by Patel, I knew this would be a Dyno-Mite cigar. It needs aging unlike the others. The others come out of the cello fiery and ready for goose bumps. I've aged these for a couple weeks now and the potential is rising to the top. The fire is emerging. The only problem is that I have the torpedoes. I'm not a fan of that shape. I have the worst luck. I have to use my cigar ice pick to open the airway like a Paramedic with a 300lb woman. And I hate doing that, fearing I might crack the wrapper. Next time, it will be a Churchill. If you don't buy these, you are dull and uninspiring. Buy these until your wallet bleeds!!
Katmancross in Milwaukee January 20, 2011
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Churchill
"topnotch quality buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
This is just one excellent cigar. It has that great earthy Nicaraguan taste, some coffee, some nuts, and very earthy. At the price a great pick for an everyday smoke, one that will make your day a little better.
William Richardson in Las Vegas, NV December 17, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Toro
"top notch Nicaraguan stogie"
This is a nicely constructed well filled cigar. The flavor compares to the Torano Nicaraguan cigars that are among my favorites. Just a great cigar for the money. A lot of bang for your buck here.
William Richardson in Las Vegas, NV November 20, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Torpedo
"horrible don't waste your cash regardless of the p"
horrible dont waste your cash the previous review must have been smoking sticks
mike in cleveland August 23, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Robusto
"Standard, well-rolled"
Not as rich or tasty as the 3000, or as mild as the 4000, but an easier draw, burned down one side a bit, didn't peel, a touch bitter maybe, similar to an Oliva G I thought.
mike in cleveland August 23, 2010 March 17, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Torpedo
"another winner for the famous K series"
Got this bundel of 6k at monster last year, and the one that i smoking right now just as consistent as the ather ones i smoke before, tasty, lats of smoke. doodyand earthy flavors, litlle notes of pepper at the finish, so to me is medium, not full flavor as the said, but i love them, looking for another deal on them, they worth buying it for the price.
WinstonD in Houston,TX March 15, 2010
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Robusto
"Solid Cigar"
I have enjoyed my bundle. With about 5 left, I give them good ratings for construction, appearance, and flavor. Not quite as tasty as the 3000s, though. The only problem I had was 2 or 3 had torn wrappers on arrival that had to be thrown away. Even considering those I rate them a good value. I will order them again.
Steven in hot'lanta November 14, 2009
Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Toro
"The best bundle cigar anywhere."
This is simple...these are the best bundled cigar out there, maybe one of the best cigars of any kind out there. The look, the feel, the aroma, the construction, the draw the burn, the flavor, the consistency...all in the 9 - 10 range...development maybe not so much...but all the other plus marks win out over 'flavor changes" - heck, I didn't WANT the flavor to chenge! I was fortunate to have a friend send me a few to try and I was completely impressed. Now I've gone through a fair number of Toros and Churchills and they are similar...totally awesome. I'd much rather spend $50 on a bundle of these than $100 - $150 on an equivalent boxed cigar. 'What's in YOUR wallet?' as the saying goes.
Blackhorse in Portland, OR September 8, 2009
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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