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Famous Samplers By Strength Reviews

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Famous Medium Body Sampler 'H'
"Don't Count the Ghurka Templar"
Not too bad a sampler as long as you don t count the Ghurka. Look at it as a 4 cigar sampler. The Ghurka is a POS that was loosely packed, burned unevenly, unraveled from the start and dropped hot ashes as it did. Where does Ghurka get off with their MSRP prices higher than Dunhill %26 Opus X anyway? Geezus!
Pete Osco in Upstate NY June 15, 2014
Famous Mild Body Sampler 'J'
OUTSTANDING sampler, all SUPERBLY constructed smokes, GREAT body, EVEN burn and EASY draw. Priced RIGHT, GOOD intro to the Shop for me. HIGHLY recommend this sampler.
Coach in VA March 5, 2014
Famous Full Body Sampler 'S'
"Great buy,Loved them all"
Very good Full Body Sampler.They all had a good draw and great taste with lots of smoke.Even the juice from the mouth end was enjoyable on everyone,hehehe YUMMY!!!
Gloria in Michigan June 6, 2013
Famous Mild Body Sampler 'T'
"Buy a Montecristo #2, get 4 middling smokes free?"
So I've been enjoying medium-body cigars for a while, and developed a fondness for torpedos and pyramids. Thought I'd branch out, see what a milder body smoke had to offer. This sampler's big draw (no pun intended) is the Montecristo, which sells by itself for $2 less than the whole sampler. I figured (gah, again no pun intended!) what've I got to lose? Well, the star of the show satisfied and then some! Complex and creamy, and I'll definitely be adding some of these Montecristo Yellow torpedos to my "nice box". But... The rest of the sampler was a big disappointment. The Don Diego I expected to be bland, and it was. The La Fontana wasn't much better (though it drew better and had a sweetened cap that gave it some character). The "Isla del Sol" is an extremely coffee-liqueur dipped cigar, very well-made for the breed but only pleasant if you like candied cigars. I haven't tried the Montesino yet; I have some hope. Basically, I think this sampler helped me decide that I'm just not much of a mild-cigar fellow, or maybe just not into the Robusto shape. Or both.
Gloria in Michigan June 6, 2013 April 10, 2013
Famous Mild Body Sampler 'D'
"Try Another"
The soledad cigars were almost unsmokable they were so bad.
Stu in Wa November 18, 2012
Famous Full Body Sampler 'X'
"Great intro"
Some great smokes at good value. The RP was the only one I haven't purchased again. Turned me on to Cubao, which I now love. Famous really does the job with these samplers and this is an awesome one.
Lenape in New York October 17, 2012
Famous Mild Body Sampler 'H'
"$8 to shp 5 cigars??"
I wouldn't have bother bidding if I knew I was going to pay $8 to ship my $12 worth of cigars. Crazy,
James July 31, 2012
Famous Full Body Sampler 'X'
"Great pack"
Excellent sampler of some great smokes at a great price.
Lenni in New York City/ Welikia July 19, 2012
Famous Full Body Sampler 'J'
"Good sample, but not so balanced"
Some of these ar awesome smokes, but I wasnt really thrill about the cubao and the patriarch. The RP 1961 was a pleasant surprise, really nice. The best one is the Camacho
Fede June 30, 2012
Famous Medium Body Sampler 'D'
"great buy"
Iv'e smoked al of these cigars @ one time or another and I like em all, Esp the lot 23s and the Cusanos. I think this would be a good step up for the newer smokers that want to try a more fuller body stogie.
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation (Rez) Wi. June 9, 2012
La Floridita Fuerte
Iron Horse