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"Small cigar"
Save your money go for something else. Every cigar I lit up fell apart. Not happy. Remainder went in garbage.
Wayne in Seaford NY September 12, 2013
"Surprised and satisfied"
Just got my first box of these little gems. Great draw, flavorful with a slight edge. 30 minutes from end to end. Great with a cup of coffee. Light up was simple with this construction. I think a little time in the humi will equal perfection. Will keep in stock.
Tony in WV September 29, 2010
"A pleasure but too expensive"
Easy draw and spectacular construction. Price is high but if you can catch it on free shipping AND on sale then it's worth it. Realistically a box of these should be $19.99 and only sold to drive traffic to famous smoke.
Larry in DC Metro September 29, 2010
"Highly recommended"
I threw one of these cigars in my daily deal order because shipping was free and I love figurado cigars. Unreal flavor before I even lit the cigar. I don't normally chew on my cigars but this one I kept in my mouth for a couple minutes before lighting. The tobacco has been cured perfectly. The smoke is cool and tasty. I does not bite you but is packed with sweetness. It started burning funny for a minute and corrected itself. An overall better cigar than most if not all more expensive figurados. Would I buy it at a higher price? Tough to say. At this price? Definitely, and I would get it by the box. Next is to try the maduro.
YT in PA May 16, 2010
"Very nice short smoke"
I usually smoke RP Juniors for my short smoke, and thought I would give these a try. Very nice smoth smoke, good draw, and constructed well. I am anxious to try the maduro to see if it has a little more kick. If you like med/mild smokes and looking for a 15-20 minute smoke, try a box.
Rick in Long Island, NY March 23, 2010
"Big flavor Big smoke from a little cigar"
A phrase about some women comes to mind, You know like a little peice of leather thats well put together. I think they are as good as the NUB cigars actually better if the price is factored in. I smoked a few I got from the auction and have no complants @ all. They go very well W/Expresso in the AM for me. Yes I do recomend them to freinds and will more than like-ly purchase more
Buffalo S in Wi December 11, 2009
"Surprisingly Well Made Cigar"
Figurado shape is pleasing to the eye and easy to light. Medium firm cigar, well constructed with no soft spots noted. Initial slight un-even burn self corrected with no further problems. Straight from the box, cap cut cleanly, draw was excellent, ash was fairly firm, white and held on well. A medium bodied smoke, with just a hint of edge to it and a nice flavor and aroma. I smoke easy, and this one took about 40 minutes from light-up to nub. Frankly, I was surprised by the quality of construction and overall enjoyment of this short smoke and look forward to seeing how a little time in the humidor will improve this cigar. Typically Dominican and I like it!
Willie in New Mexico September 9, 2009
"Eh...they're ok"
I tried these hoping they were in some way similar to a Don Tomas perfecto #1 or a Mosaico perfecto havana or a camaroon. Nope...not even close. They tasted very GREEN. Not to my liking but I am sure there are some people out there who may like this...just not for me. Overall, they were constructed well and an easy draw. For the price, if you like this flavor, it's a great bargain.
Bill R in Kentucky September 7, 2009
"Excellent Value Little Smoke"
Threw these into the last order to get free shipping and they turned out to be a great smoke. Perfect for that quick but satisfying smoke. Ideal accompaniment for a Sunday morning coffee and newspaper. Recommended.
D. in MD August 21, 2009
"These puppies taste like Ashtons or Don Diegos."
Great little figurado! A pleasure to the eye and palate. Good complex flavors just north of medium in body. Sort of reminds me of an ASHTON. This is more or less what Don Diegos used to taste like 40 years ago when they were among the precious few adequate repacements for Habanas and made in the Canary Islands! I own many BIG cigars, but who has time anymore? If you're looking for real cigar satisfaction in a twenty minute smoke, this is the one. And the price! Wow! Less than a buck on CigarMonster and just $1.20 everyday price for an artisan product. That cute shape (44 ring gauge that tapers at the foot, yet is less than 4" long) must require superior rolling skills, but it sure powers up and delivers the goods fast. Highly Recommended.
OrsonWelles in CA February 24, 2009
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