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"the worst cigars I have ever had."
These cigars were pretty bad. I really don t know how they received a high rating. I bought two bundles and most of them were rolled too tight to draw through, I didn t send them back because I figured I get maybe few bad ones but most of them were bad. I also must add that I have ordered many times from famous smoke without disappointment and have returned some I did not like without a problem but these are the worst cigars I have ever had.
Cue in August 30, 2014
"much better than I expected"
I buy about 60 cigars before our church festival to have as giveaways so I m not looking to spend a lot. Was wonderfully surprised at the Fat Daddy. Good flavor, nice ash burn. I put the cigar down to go inside the building and when I came out it was still lit. A bargain for the money.
Jim in Connecticut in May 24, 2014
"Great Smoke"
Enjoyed this cigar very much. Burned well and drew great. Smoked for three hours only relit once. Hints of spices and leather. Will buy more of these cigars!
Lenny in WV May 4, 2014
"Not bad at all for a cheap cigar."
I got two of these in a sampler. it not half bad for price. I ll be buying bundle. They ll be great this spring while I m doing my yard work.
Danny in Machesney Park March 7, 2014
Although they will help out in a pinch,I don t recommend these as a regular smoke.
Ben in Vincennes, Indiana October 25, 2013
These cigars were horrible. I enjoy cigars everyday so I purchased these trying to be economical. I can't even smoke the 17 or so I have left because I dislike them so much. All that I tried were rolled too tight (or maybe damp) to draw through and they have a peculiar taste that I can't stand. I have ordered many times from famous smoke without disappointment and sampled many cigars from my local shop - these are the worst cigars I have ever had.
Dave in Wisconsin October 17, 2013
"A dollar per stick... I'll take it."
Pleasantly surprised by this one. Wasn't expecting much. The first few were free with a promo. But I don't mind throwing down a buck for this Churchill.
in August 8, 2013
"Great Cigar"
The cigar was awesome! As you first taste it, its slightly spicy, but not a mouth burning kind. It just gives a little kick to it but it dissipates into a very smooth smoke as you smoke it further. The cigar is rolled tight enough to keep the contents from falling out, but loose enough to where you don t need a draw whole which is awesome. Appearance is nice, but the type of cigar band makes it a little shorter, which you can always take off with out having to damage the leaf. The gold band however looks as if its keeping the leaf together, but im not sure as i didn t mess with that. Anyway, for a box of 20 of these, would be awesome. I bought the east coast rollers sampler to try this out, and with 20 assorted cigars, thats a huge value to anyone whos starting up and needs to sample things to figure out there tatstes. This is my first time trying premium cigars from brands like these and cant wait to fill my head with more smoke. Note: The burn was a little un even, it angled up but that might have been my fault because it was windy that day and wouldn t light correctly. Anyway, out side of that, around half way through the burn was evened out again.
Kyle in June 12, 2013
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10 Construction (73) 100
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