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Featured Variety Samplers Reviews

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Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1
"Not bad"
This is of course not top of the line cigars however, for $20 you really can t go wrong, there s not a stinker in the bunch, the other bad reviews....what were you expecting, top class....please, it s $20
alphonse in ma October 31, 2013
'Best Of La Floridita' Sampler #1
"Panchos have poor burn quality"
The fuerte and magnum are great cigars. Would recommend to anyone. The panchos are clearly lower quality. They do not burn well at all. I have purchased this sampler several times b/c I really enjoy the magnum and fuerte. I had hoped the panchos were just a bad batch but they are consistently bad. The panchos would be good for fire retardant home insulation or for gags to watch friends try to smoke.
alphonse in ma October 31, 2013 October 25, 2013
Early Fall Value Sampler
"It's a excellent selection for a beginner smoker"
I really love it some of them has a strong flavor, but if you are exploring on the flavors and looking for the right one for you this is the right steep....
Fernando A in El Monte CA October 2, 2013
Early Fall Value Sampler
"One of the best"
After several samplers and many years of smoking cigars, my tastes are medium to full. I do like a heavier smoke and a medium draw, and of course a even burn. If this is you this sampler is for you. My favorite. only one less then a 90 rating cigar in the bunch.
Don in Paw Paw, MI September 30, 2013
Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1
"Casual At This Point"
This sampler is great if just starting to seriously explore which cigar(s) you prefer. Great for social functions when you get the opportunity to offer a cigar to another. I don't disagree with the other reviews and I'm grateful to read them to establish what to look for. I found most of the selection in this sampler to be favorable and only a few to be not particularly my taste. IMHO it's a worth it buy.
Cal9mm in Northeast US August 27, 2013
'Best Of La Floridita' Sampler #1
Try something else. If you really want to try, try one. Many other good inexpensive smokes available right here. Nestor does a much better job with Aspira. To each his own, but fair warning.
Hamm in Pittsburgh August 24, 2013
Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1
"Worst Sampler Ever..."
Because of this selection, I will never again buy samplers. Only good cigars in the lot were the Hamilton House. Got exactly what I paid for!
JW in Texas Hill Country August 13, 2013
Bulk Buy Assortment #4
"awesome set"
this was my first purchase from an online cigar shop.i was very impressed with the quality of the cigars and humidor packaging was excellent the cigar assortment was fantastic and the humidor was a steal ive been smoking cigars for years and now im sold famous smoke shop is the place for me already adding to my cart thank you FSS fan for life
lendsey in texas July 31, 2013
Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1
"waste of money"
not that good if you are looking for something to smoke and you don't care that much for the flavor buy this one
Noor in California June 16, 2013
Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1
"Poor Mans choice!"
I bought these a couple months ago, because I had run out of good cigars and was low on money on my card! But I shouldn't have wasted my money, I should have waited til I had the money, I was only a week and a half away from getting it anyway! The reason I say this is because these are all short filler cigars,they have no real taste to them, very bland! I am a big cigar smoker, I am probable worst then most guys! I smoke two a day at least! I tend to get Robustos and I like a good strong cigar, so I pick Rocky Petals, Cohiba, Perdomo, Vudu, and Mi Barrio's to name a few! I like full bodied cigars that are smooth and favorable! These were not that, sure what can I expect from $1.00 cigars! I used to buy bundle from cigar shops like this, but I don't anymore! And I wont be buying this again! Even as low as they are their not worth it to me! But they be fine for handing out to someone who is always mooching your good ones,lol! And if you are not into strong cigars, you might like them too!I am a cigar snob, if their not long filler their not worth bothering with! They fall apart too much, you are always having to spit stuff out of your mouth, which doesn't look good with company,lol! This is fine for someone with not allot of money, but if you have a bit more to spend, spend more on a good name cigar instead of these no names!
Clara in Warren,Mi May 10, 2013
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