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Featured Variety Samplers Reviews

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Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1
"Smokers' Bargain Bundle"
For the buck,ya can't ask for a better stogie!
Charles in San Diego,Ca February 8, 2013
Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1
"Mixed feelings"
I have mixed feelings about this bundle. First off- don't expect any Churchills- they are all about 5" or less. Secondly, there are some decent smokes in here but some that I try to avoid as well.
Greg in Wood River, IL January 3, 2013
'Best Of La Floridita' Sampler #1
"Rewarding risk"
was skeptical about buying so many cigar that cheap, but i was pleasently suprised! all ive smoked from the pack were great!
Zackary December 31, 2012
'Best Of Mild Cigars' Sampler #3
"Very nice sampler"
This sampler was my introduction to cigars, so by no means am I an expert or a seasoned smoker. But I can tell you that I enjoyed all that were included in the pack. One or two had a burn that needed some touching up but it was no big deal. All tasted quite nice with the exception of the CAO's which I didn't like quite as much, but were by no means awful. The construction was good overall on each one, and draw was comfortable on each. Really recommended for someone like me who's just getting into the world of stogies OR of course anyone who digs a mild smoke.
Nick S in Tampa FL December 17, 2012
12 Ways To Be Famous
My wife bought me these,I let them sit a few weeks.I loved them still have a few well worth the buy.
Mike in California November 27, 2012
5-Star Sampler
"Oh so good!"
This is simply the best sampler I have ever experienced. I just finished the last of the batch which was the Camacho and it was heavenly. I can't heap enough praise on this sampler. The only problem is that I got it on sale and now I can't afford the full price. If I was a man full of greener stature I would live off of this sampler. But for a small moment in time I got to experience how the other half live! This sampler made me feel like I saw Lon Chaney Jr. walking with the Queen, if you know what I mean.
James in Baltimore, MD November 23, 2012
12 Ways To Be Famous
I got this from my wife,And loved them..Well worth the money
Mike in Merced CA November 11, 2012
'Best Of La Floridita' Sampler #2
This was an OK sampler. At the price for 10 cigars you really cant complain. Another famous smoke shop sampler to try figure out what you like at decent value. The selection of wrappers included was nice, CT, Maduro, and Habano. Do not buy thinking these are high quality, they are ok.
Kyle in Long Island NY November 5, 2012
The Maroma Collection
"A great cigar for the money!"
I received the Maroma sampler last week. I found it to be a very good cigar. Has an excellent flavor. I will be ordering another box soon.
Jim October 17, 2012
'Best Of Sweet Tip' Sampler
"Smoked them all"
Save Your Money; I am a sweet tip smoker and I will give you my best assessment without getting too far into "taste" which is very subjective. Baccarat and Maromo are the high and low end winners here. Ilse Del Sol has a chemical sickly sweet tip that reminded me of a lollipop. Not good unless you like a very sweet, sweet taste. Hard o get out of your mouth. Pai Gow was like smoking cardboard from the beginning; the comaprisons to Baccarat are misleading and inaccurate. The AR was bland and super tight. So much so that I couldnt finish that last 2". If you enjoy a sweet tip quality cigar get the Baccarats and Maromas. The Maromas have some short fill issues but they are a good value and the Baccarats are unbeatable.
SC in MASSACHUSETTS October 8, 2012
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