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Final Blend Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Definitely A Keeper"
Easy light, easy draw, stays lit, tastes good to the last draw. Only found one 5-pack that was inconsistent. Otherwise, an enjoyable smoke.
Rev E. in Texas December 5, 2014
"Just Okay"
I finished the box but they were just okay...Would not re-buy..
Craig in San Ramon ca September 16, 2013
"Exceptionally Smooth and Flavorful"
I liked this cigar right out of the box, but if your a patient person you can have something exceptional. Almost 2 yrs of age in my humidor has produced something special...This is a great value for the money! With a little age this is a 90 rated cigar.
Randy in Keystone Heights Florida November 23, 2012
"Great long smoke"
This cigar has a light melow taste. Puts out great smoke and an even burn. For the Churchill make sure you have the time. It's a great evening on the deck smoker.
Eric in Nashville tn September 2, 2012
"enjoyable smoke"
Just got these and enjoying one right now. Super white ash! Get this if you just want to set back and just enjoy smoking a good stick. BTW something fruity to drink while smoking this one is a good hit! It does require some attention to keep going. Not a great cigar for doing another activity such as golf. About half way through it seems to draw and stay lit better. As someone pointed out earlier, some time in the humidor will likely improve this guy. Overall a milder to medium taste...stayed fairly cool with a great finish and nicely constructed. I enjoyed the last half the most...great for chewing at the final. Pleased to say the least.
Mark Humphries in texas June 17, 2011
"Very happy Wit-em"
I scored the ones I got off the auction site I didn't think they looked all that great just another Maduro Churchill to pass the time, I was pleasantly surprized by the looks of them, After their little rest from the journy I got to sample was slightly sweet all the way to the nub.a really nice Med.body smoke just right for the A M
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation Wi April 6, 2011
"give time in your humidor"
very flavorful, but a bit tight on the draw and hard to keep lit right out of the box. Yet after a few weeks resting in my humidor, the draw improved nicely and the burn was flawless. So if you're patient and have room in your humidor, you'll be in for a great smoke at a great price.
Brian in Camarillo, CA August 16, 2010
"just beautiful"
If you llike Gurkha Legion and CAO brazilia, then you will love Final Blend. The Brazilian Mata wrapper makes it a wonderful smoke. Absolutely beautiful
mark in eckert co July 22, 2010
"Excellent cigars for the price"
These cigars remind me of my favorites the Don Lino 1989 Maduros, but for a lot less money! Well constructed, good burn time,very tastey...I will buy them again, especially at the price that I got this box for! I recommend them for anyone who likes a good Onyx Reserve or Olor Paco or the Don Linos.
Ed P in Powder Springs, GA January 28, 2010
"pleasant surprise"
got a box of the toros at auction and upon receiving them i was delighted by the spanish cedar box which sealed well and smelled of cedar!aside from the nice presentation the sticks are very well rolled,dark and had a nice aroma out of the cello.the cap removed perfectly from it's very firm head,you could drive this cigar like a nail! the prelight draw was just slightly firm and tasted sweet the foot toasted evenly in seconds and the first draw was good and evolved into cedar and coffee flavors through the nose with a finish that lingered a while.it continued to burn perfectly straight to the nub.it will be interesting to see how this cigar evolves in the humi
figurado in cat square nc November 21, 2009
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10 Burn (86) 100
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10 Consistency (87) 100
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10 Draw (86) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
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10 Construction (88) 100
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