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Final Blend Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Final Blend Can be a Friend"
My cold draw after cutting yielded rich earthy tobacco and sweetness. The dark coloring of the ring contrasts well with the rich maduro wrapper; insignificant to the flavor, I know, but it adds an appealing aesthetic to the overall appearance of the cigar for me. This smoke contains relative complexity with tones of coffee and notes of berry (blueberry perhaps) and even cherry. It's creamy smooth from the first draw which, from my experience, is atypical from the initial pepper or spice of other smokes of similar stature; that only mellow through smoking. I noticed a gentle earthiness on the finish with hints of wood and leather at times. I thought I lost the berry and other complexity in the final third as all that seemed to part for darker expressions of espresso or roasted coffee bean. Yet, no sooner did I believe that when the leather and earthy flavor snuck back in a bit. In fact, right at the end, vanilla and spice settled in my nose. This flavor combination certainly piqued my interest, but it was so ultra-smooth that it smoked much more like a mild to medium-bodied cigar. I would not classify as full. Regardless, I'm pleased to have these in my humidor.
Ryan in Phoenix December 19, 2012
I left the stick for 3 months in my humidor. Burn time was almost exactly an hour, construction was good but the burn was pretty awful, 3 touchups and a relight later it gets annoying, The flavors were good at times and then left. There was an everpresent earthiness that was a little on the bitter bitter side but at times it opened up to a bittersweet coffee and sweet tobacco flavor with a medium black pepper present the second half was better and I pleasantly got ten minutes where the earth flavor stopped being bitter, but the bitterness came back. I would love to try this with another three months of aging but for now, they taste about what they cost.
danny in flagstaff November 21, 2012
"5 months later"
Much much better, very smooth dark chocolate, coffee, touch of pepper. Burn was still a bit bad, but not overly so, draw was tight but acceptable. The taste improved ALOT tho, very easy to pick out the chocolate flavor too.
Ryan in May 22, 2012
"Not bad,for the price."
I only had one as it came in a sampler. Not a bad smoke, Found some hits of espresso,caramel and even vanilla at times, was fairly smooth. I had some burn issues, and had to touch it up a few times. I may buy a 5 pack to age as i think they could benefit from it a lot. Worth a try for sure.
A.Stovall in Merritt Island Fl January 19, 2012
"Not bad"
Got these with the Brazilian wingman along with the CAO brazilias. They smell great, are well constructed, burn good and taste good. I liked the brazilias more, but these were good. Had a distinct coffee/cocoa flavor, that i haven't tasted in amy other cigars. I will probably buy some just to keep around for a change of pace.
Ryan in January 18, 2012
"Excellent fromstart to end"
Excellent first draw with good flavour. Perfect burn with nice white ash. A very smooth smoke. Excellent from start to finish. Thes econd stick was not as good as the first it had a void in the filler which caused inconsistent burn effecting the flavour
Chris in Ashburn Ontario Canada December 29, 2011
I ordered these with my phone on monday and when I pushed the conferm button theysaid it was sold out. No big deal I thought. So I ended up buying a difrent brand from some one else. I get home from work today and I found a box on the door step. It was my cigars!!! I guess the order went throu! Cool!! I could not wait to light this baby up! It smeled so good... I light one up and right off the bat it is like leather.. So earthy and just a bit of cream.. Nice!! It stayed the same for 3/4 of the stick. 1/2 way throu Itstarted to peal.. It is what it is. Iv had $30 smokes that have done the same.. Did get a bit of canoeing as well. A couple of hours later I was craving another treat so I dug in.. One good draw and it is so sweet! Sweet and creamy! 3/4 the way and that takes a back seat to richness and smooth.. Will buy again....
Josh in Broken Arrow,Ok November 11, 2011
"Poor draw/burn"
Good flavor, fairly strong for me. I got one of these in a bundle pack, and was disappointed with the draw/burn of it. Was a very tight draw, felt like I was going to blow something out pulling on it. Had to relight it 2-3 times, and I'm a fast smoker. Probably wouldn't buy again.
Jimmy in Milwaukee, WI September 30, 2011
"One not bad, one probably smoked to soon."
I smoked the first one probably 5 days after it arrived and it was pretty harsh, didn't burn very good, and I was greatly disappointed. I was not looking forward to the second one and was pleasantly surprised. The burn was consistent, with no relights, and the taste was much better. Not a bad cigar but not a favorite in the price range either. For a similar cigar with a similar price that is much better I would go for the CAO Brizillia.
Brandon in Kalamazoo August 8, 2011
"As Advertised"
I am having the 3rd of a NiKKi NAils Sampler. I must say the first one was right off the truck and was excellent, perfect burn and great flavor. The second one was consistent and the 3rd that I am having with a glass of Barbera wine is primo. This is an enjoyable cigar. I have prchased a box of Robustos and may just purchase a second.Nice spice with a touch of expresso.
David Moore in Murrieta August 7, 2011
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