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Final Blend Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"As Advertised"
I am having the 3rd of a NiKKi NAils Sampler. I must say the first one was right off the truck and was excellent, perfect burn and great flavor. The second one was consistent and the 3rd that I am having with a glass of Barbera wine is primo. This is an enjoyable cigar. I have prchased a box of Robustos and may just purchase a second.Nice spice with a touch of expresso.
David Moore in Murrieta August 7, 2011
"some good some not so"
First one I smoked after 2 weeks in humidor wasn't so good. Hard draw, poor burn and poor taste. Waited another 6 weeks, which improved the smoke significantly. Good ash, good burn and decent taste until about 1 1/2 inch when the burn went bad and the smoke got hot. I'll smoke the rest after more time in the box before I decide if I want to try more.
cajun555 in opelousas, la June 6, 2011
"Improved with Time"
A while ago I said the jury was still out, I just wanted to update you. I just had my last one of the 5 pack tonight...after it's been in my humi for a while. It started out the same as last, but from the half way mark to the end it came on nicely. I had a nice chocolate espresso taste. Hints of vanilla were there too. I have to say that with some time, this cigar improves with age. Still took a bit to get a good burn going. The construction was good. Once the burn got going, it was a nice burn with very little help. Also, which I like, I could put it down for a bit and pick it up and still get a nice mouthful of smoke. Felt nice in my hand.
Jeff in Minnesota in March 13, 2011
"Jury's Still Out"
Just got the Nikki bundle...decided to try this one first after it settled down in the humi. The pre-light aroma was ok. Took just a bit to get fired up. Draw was ok. Ash was very white. At first I had complex flavors, just a bit of spice, slight sweetness combined with a woodsy tone. I was happy in the first third. Then the burn started to go haywire, the taste changed by becoming somewhat flat. Overall, the burn and flavor would get better then go backward. The burn at the end was not good...I couldn't stop a streak of burn that wanted to race down the side. For now, I'm so-so on this cigar...gonna let it sit for a while and give it another shot later.
Jeff in Minnesota February 4, 2011
"Pluged from the start."
A great looking cigar with a nice looking band. The pre-light draw was perfect and promised of a great smoke. The flame heated the cigar, a great aroma filled the air. I took my first puff. Perfect taste. My second puff..... wait a minute something is wrong. A complete plug. I tried several times to poke through it. After a while I knew I was defeated. I gave up. The cigar now rest in the jar of shame with three others I will not mention.
Rodney Beckom in Rockmart gA. January 28, 2011
"Not great"
Overall, not bad, but not great. The reviews before were "smooth" and I experienced the exact opposite. I picked up 5 of these in the Nicky Nails wise buy and from the reviews, I expected about the same cigar as the CAO Brazilia Gol!, but it was not even close. The cigars burned terrible, tasted mediocre at best and just not very pleasant. Rolling them in between my fingers, there were many soft spots on all of my cigars, not rolled very tightly. This caused many many burn issues on all of the cigars I smoked. I'll just pawn these off on guests at my house since they don't know any better.
Davis in Huntington Beach, CA January 24, 2011
"Surprisingly smooth!"
I was blown away - my taste buds were tingling with creamy, sweet-but-not-overly-sweet smoke with full body. I couldn't help myself, and ordered a box right away. Keep 'em coming Famous!
Brian in Honolulu January 19, 2011
"Holy moly!"
Being a fan of the CAO Brazilia, I couldn't help but notice that there was a wise buy comparing the final Blend to the CAO. I bought a five pack of these and rested them for a few weeks. You know what? It's pretty darn close and a great cigar upon itself. If both cigars show up on cigar monster, I will probably buy these and spend half as much compared to the CAO for just as good flavor and strength. Definitely try some if you haven't!
Gerald in Atlanta, GA December 12, 2010
"-=First Impressions=-"
At first glance I thought for sure that I was in for a bad time with this cigar. It was mottled and had at least 3 patches in the wrapper that I could see. The first third was very nice, with abundant amounts of smoke and a nice sweetness. The second third brought in nice notes of leather and a bit of the sweetness. The final act was an alternating symphony of leather and nutty flavors. The ash was almost pure white, with the first 1 1/2" holding on tight. After the initial ash, though, the cigar became a flaky mess. Definitely an outside smoke. I wanted to not like this cigar, but the blend was SO enjoyable. I'm going back for a 5 pack to see if the construction problems were just a one cigar issue. Cheers!
Sal in Atlanta October 31, 2010
"very nice"
Enjoyable and really smooth. I had 1 from a sampler and it was the best of the bunch. Also the 1 I saved for last so it was in humidor for 2 months. May have to age some more of these.
charles in mn October 30, 2010
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