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insipid. could not bear to smoke 3 of the 5 I bought. save your $. and draws poorly.
craig in overland park ks May 14, 2014
"Not a flavor bomb"
Soft. Near the foot, fast burner, lacked a standout flavor. Will see what 6 months in the humi does. No nicotine kick so they should be good for beginners.
RB in Waterlo February 20, 2014
"Never disappointed"
My go to cigar when I don't want to risk being disappointed. Love the flavor.
Byron in Newark OH January 3, 2014
"Decent, but not consistent"
A cigar that is decently priced. Only issue was the taste is a little rougher and inconsistent. Of the five, two were a rougher taste that was different enough to be noticed.
Artius in Canada December 2, 2013
"Get Some"
Bought a box and I'm glad I did. The toro has good taste. I dig the mata fina wrapper, never a dull moment. THESE ARE A GREAT VALUE TOO. Sometimes available for under 50 a box. Try em you wont be sorry.
Pete in Louisville September 11, 2013
"Good Things Come With Age"
I got these cigars about half a year ago. At first they were a little bitter and were very difficult to puff. Yesterday I pulled one out. Amazing. It smoked so easily. Had a huge output. And it tasted so nice. A mix of cocoa, coffee, a hint of leather, and earthy flavors.
Brandon Krukowski in La Grange Park, Il June 18, 2013
"Missing a middle flavor"
While these are decent sticks, they seem to be missing a punchy middle flavor to give them balance. They are well constructed and medium in body, bought a box, will think again before I buy another box.
Christopher in Midwest USA February 5, 2013
"The Box Would Smoke Better"
I wish I would have bought a box instead of a sampler, the box would have been a better smoke.
Daniel in Swanson January 11, 2013
"Very consistent"
Very consistent across the whole box. Smooth and easy to smoke. They have a bit of trouble burning straight but that may be my fault. Overall a very nice cigar with good flavors. Full bodied but not over bearing.
in October 18, 2012
"Very good everyday cigar"
I think these ( all sizes etc...)Taste smoke and burn just as good or even better in some cases than some costlier cigars in my stash. I try to keep several in my humidor @ all times for one of my " Just Kickin Round " smokes. And I smoked more than a few down to the 'Nubber size'. I wouldn't hesitate to recomend them again to a freind
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation ( Rez ) Wisconsi August 27, 2012
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10 Construction (83) 100
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