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"Waste of money"
Didnt like any of them.The flavor was just not good on any of them.The burn was good but that is all I can say was good.Maybe I will give a different brand maybe Acid or Java.
Gloria in Michigan June 6, 2013
"mixed bag"
Just wanted to try something different and found them to be too different. The vinilla wasn't too bad. The cherry was the worst thing I ever tried to smoke. I found it impossible to draw even with a punch, burned uneven and way too hot and tasted even worse, after two minutes I gave up. The others were so-so and I found them all too sweet. If you want to try a desent flavored cigar try a Java no sweetness and a smooth tasting quality smoke.
East River Ang in Bronx NY on the waterfront December 29, 2012
the vanilla i have to say was the best overall,me and a buddy got these to see how they were. not as much taste as i would of expected . but still good smoke !
Scott in topeka , ks August 28, 2012
"Great tasting, not overpowering"
The Cao Flavours are a great smoke. Decently priced, they are a perfect way to share an afternoon with friends and family, or by yourself. The flavors are rich, yet subtle and not overpowering. It still tastes like a great cigar.
in July 25, 2011
"Pretty Bomb, Nice Size"
These were nice, I wasn't a fan of the Honey or Vanilla but Moontrance, Earth Nectar, and Eileen's Dream are bomb.
Chris W. in Sonoma County, CA April 19, 2011
This is a great smoke. I would suggest roast the tip and then cut or punch.
Toby in NC December 8, 2010
"waste of money"
Bought these on the monster, was very excited. I read all the other reviews on the CAO flavours and thought I'll try it anyways. I was wrong. The tips are dipped in syrup and that's about it. No real flavor, the tobacco wasn't good. Like smoking a big cigarette. It was like smoking grass on my front lawn. Very diappointed in this product. I will try the Acid line of infused flavors, hopefully they will be better. I'll keep my eye out for them on the monster. The monster is the BEST...
john in woodbury, mn May 18, 2010
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