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Flor De Gonzalez Bundles Reviews

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Flor De Gonzalez Lonsdale
After making the slimmest of a slim cut with my cutter it still tried to unravel. Draw was good and flavor was ok but in my opinion there are better sticks out there for the same price point such as the Tampa Trolleys and Schizo Toro
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida August 15, 2014
Flor De Gonzalez Super Cazador
"ok cigar"
i have smoked several of them the need work smokes ok draw is good but when u cut or clip the end it tends to fall apart over all its a good cigar id give it a c+ not a really good cigar but not a bad cigar for the money i may buy again if it goes on sale
dan d in south of boston MA July 23, 2014
Flor De Gonzalez Super Cazador
"good cigar"
i have smoked about 9 cigars out of my 2 bundles nice cigar for the money burn is fine but a couple cigars have un wraped on me but will buy again nice taste yes i would tell friends about this stays lite pretty well their i do smoke the higher end cigars but this cigar will fill my humi again really good for a budget cigar
cigar man in south of boston ma June 26, 2014
Flor De Gonzalez Lonsdale
"a solid smoke"
A solid smoke not too harsh and not a wimp either. Reminds me of Cuesta Rey and Royal Jamica circa 1997.
fldeskjocky in Florida March 1, 2014
Flor De Gonzalez Torpedo
"awesome, for the $$$$"
iam a afficianato, and been doing these gars for years, and ill keep on for more years to go, thank u lgcobra
lorenzo gallina in u.s.a February 5, 2014
Flor De Gonzalez Super Cazador
"Nice Priced Smoke!!!"
I bought 2 bundles of these sticks. So far they have been very good. I like the taste and smell of the Sumatra wrapper. Been in the humidor for a few months know and getting better with each one!!!
Steve in Clyde.Ohio December 30, 2013
Flor De Gonzalez Churchill
"Chore to Smoke"
This cigar is an incredible waste of money. Clip the end and filler constantly falls out. Either canoeing or tunneling non-stop. A chore to try and smoke!
Wayne in Florida September 2, 2013
Flor De Gonzalez Triple Trio
"smokin' and fishin'"
i bought the trio and really enjoyed the maduro (red label) good from light to the end. i have already ordered more.
Jay in Braidwood, IL August 28, 2012
Flor De Gonzalez Triple Trio
"The Jury Is Out"
Just tried a green from my sampler. After reading some of the other brand reviews, not as good or bad as some stated. Good burn, construction fine, did not unravel. Only negative from this first one is it's on the harsh side, when you first light up. A strong cigar by my standards, but no worse than some drugstore brands at twice the price. Seemed to get a tad milder about a third of the way down. The jury is out til I try the other two in the Trio. Certainly wouldn't toss them. Probably good with a stiff drink. At this point doubt if I'd buy again, but we'll see.
Possum in Riverside County CA June 5, 2012
Flor De Gonzalez Torpedo
"Good Smoke at a very Good Price"
I'll rank this Torpedo at between 75 and 80. Construction is excellent for a mixed-filler cigar, not soft or mushy at all. Burns well with no canoeing and stays lit for the entire smoke. Draw is good with a slight tightness, which I attribute to the narrowing at the head. Taste is somewhere between mild and medium, closer to medium with no harsh or bitter finish on the draw. I've smoked several from the first bundle and so far they are pretty consistent, something you often give up with a mixed-filler. The generous size at 7x50 is a nice bonus and when you figure in the price for 25 sticks, it's an excellent bargain. They're a good cigar for a riding lawn mower session, easily lasting the the entire cut. These ar good enough to place on my 'order again' list.
Al in Florida in Florida April 6, 2012
La Floridita Fuerte
La Floridita Gold