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Flor De Gonzalez Bundles Reviews

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Flor De Gonzalez Torpedo
"The Mosaicos are a better deal!"
Very inconsistent burn from one to the next, mostly too tightly rolled. Made with shredded pieces of a strong, almost bitter filler tobacco. I suppose if you take into account the price, I wouldn?t throw them out.
Randy in Oshawa, Canada September 23, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Fuma
This cigar was way too loose and the construction was very poor. Aroma was ok, but thats just about the only thing going for this one. Don't waist your time or money.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. September 21, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Lonsdale
"A Nice Surprise"
First cigar I smoked from the 20-20 sampler. Pleasantly surprised. Very mild, good burn and draw. Great taste, as advertised. Definitely rate this better than an 80, guess I've been smoking drug store cigars too long.
Larry in Riverside County CA September 16, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Churchill
"Nice consistent smoke for the money"
Enjoyable smoke for the price. I will definately be ordering more.
Kevin Wilson in Minneapolis MN August 4, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Lonsdale
"Rolled yesterday?"
I found this cigar to have a very "green", improperly cured sort of flavor. This might fade after some extensive time in the humidor, but I don't know. If you enjoy farm rolls or a "chlorophylly" kind of taste you may like these as is. Not my cup of tea though, I'm afraid.
Dave C. in SC, USA July 17, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Churchill
"Worst Cigar I Ever Smoked"
I brought these as a budget commute cigar based on the price and Famous pleasant sounding description. Thank the Lord I only have about four left to smoke, they have been consistant! consistantly horrid! I really cant say one good thing about them, even though they were cheap they turned out to be far from a bargain, a " false Bargain " if you like. Unless you have smoked these before and actually liked them ??? I would say dont put em in your cart, your likely to regret it if you do.
Mark Nice in Lincoln CA April 23, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Super Cazador
"I recommand trying it"
Great cigar, very good price for it.
Michael in florida April 17, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Torpedo
"terrible smoke"
If you want to quit smoking try this cigar. Save your money.
jason in colorado April 9, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Super Cazador
"needs work"
Ok taste wise, this cigar isn't bad for the price but it has a lot of problems. I have smoked 10 now and none of them burned evenly. When you take them out of the plastic they smell like a horse barn and when you get half way through the cigar they start to unravel. The outer layer just starts peeling off which makes them look like crap.
Steven Rayl in Indiana March 8, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Torpedo
"Keep the ashtray near-by..."
The price was the best part of this cigar. Its shredded tobacco rolled tightly with what appeared to be extra binder tobacco. I'd only by it when its on sale.
Steven Rayl in Indiana March 8, 2011 in Pgh, PA. March 1, 2011
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