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Flor De Gonzalez Bundles Reviews

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Flor De Gonzalez Super Cazador
"needs work"
Ok taste wise, this cigar isn't bad for the price but it has a lot of problems. I have smoked 10 now and none of them burned evenly. When you take them out of the plastic they smell like a horse barn and when you get half way through the cigar they start to unravel. The outer layer just starts peeling off which makes them look like crap.
Steven Rayl in Indiana March 8, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Torpedo
"Keep the ashtray near-by..."
The price was the best part of this cigar. Its shredded tobacco rolled tightly with what appeared to be extra binder tobacco. I'd only by it when its on sale.
Steven Rayl in Indiana March 8, 2011 in Pgh, PA. March 1, 2011
Flor De Gonzalez Fuma
"3126 n bass lake rd"
I've smoked the green label which I like. Tried this bundle and it was torture smoking these. This was the worst tasting, poorly burning cigar I ever smoked. Wouldn't smoke again if they were free.
steven in lahaie November 25, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Torpedo
"This is a huge surprise"
I found these on sale. Bingo. This is a huge, meaty torpedo and at this price I was expecting something that smoked like an El Producto. I like these just fine. The smoke is smooth and consistent. It has some body and flavor and while I like the Roly torpedo better, this cigar is a keeper. Nice, everyday cigar. It won't wow you but it won't disappoint you either.
Big Bad Tommy V in Memphis, Tennessee November 2, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Torpedo
"Excellent Smoke!"
I'm not one to write review but I have to admit this smoke is really good. I bought a box today and have smoked two sticks back to back - right out the box. I recommend this the perfect everyday smoke.
Johnny in Dallas, TX September 30, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Lonsdale
"The 90 Miles"
Now I've had the opportunity to with the folks at the last Cigar Expo and was presented with one of thier newest cigars the "90 miles" I have to admit that at first glance to looked like a nice smoke. It was even better! Smooth, rich and very much like a cuban. It ws fairly firmly rolled with a great burn from beginning to end. Overall it was truely a great cigar! Hats off to Flor De Gonzalez!
Brian J in Canada August 13, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Lonsdale
"A decent low cost everyday smoke"
These are a decent everyday low cost smoke. They are usually pretty consistent in burn, appearance and taste. While not great, they are good while driving, or working outside, etc.
Michael in Southern Illinois June 3, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Fuma
"Dissapointed so far!"
I will say the sticks that I've smoked so far have a rich aroma when taken out of the cello but their very soft. The burn is somewhat even but they go out quickly. I would like to know who rolled these because are underfilled.
Steve in Clearfield, PA December 6, 2009
Iron Horse
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