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After making the slimmest of a slim cut with my cutter it still tried to unravel. Draw was good and flavor was ok but in my opinion there are better sticks out there for the same price point such as the Tampa Trolleys and Schizo Toro
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida August 15, 2014
"a solid smoke"
A solid smoke not too harsh and not a wimp either. Reminds me of Cuesta Rey and Royal Jamica circa 1997.
fldeskjocky in Florida March 1, 2014
"Good Cigar"
I have just recently invested in a humidor and I got these because of the good reviews. They are not as good as the expensive ones but there worth every penny I paid. I was getting tired of paying 6-8 dollars a stick and only being able to enjoy a cigar every once in a while. Get a bundle of these you won't be disappointed.
Benjamin in Georgia December 12, 2011
"A Nice Surprise"
First cigar I smoked from the 20-20 sampler. Pleasantly surprised. Very mild, good burn and draw. Great taste, as advertised. Definitely rate this better than an 80, guess I've been smoking drug store cigars too long.
Larry in Riverside County CA September 16, 2011
"Rolled yesterday?"
I found this cigar to have a very "green", improperly cured sort of flavor. This might fade after some extensive time in the humidor, but I don't know. If you enjoy farm rolls or a "chlorophylly" kind of taste you may like these as is. Not my cup of tea though, I'm afraid.
Dave C. in SC, USA July 17, 2011
"The 90 Miles"
Now I've had the opportunity to with the folks at the last Cigar Expo and was presented with one of thier newest cigars the "90 miles" I have to admit that at first glance to looked like a nice smoke. It was even better! Smooth, rich and very much like a cuban. It ws fairly firmly rolled with a great burn from beginning to end. Overall it was truely a great cigar! Hats off to Flor De Gonzalez!
Brian J in Canada August 13, 2010
"A decent low cost everyday smoke"
These are a decent everyday low cost smoke. They are usually pretty consistent in burn, appearance and taste. While not great, they are good while driving, or working outside, etc.
Michael in Southern Illinois June 3, 2010
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