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Flor De Gonzalez Selection Reviews

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Flor De Gonzalez Selection Robusto
"OK for the price"
Not bad for the price, but my cigar was too spicy (cedar) for my taste. Draw was too easy.
brad Gammell in Texas November 19, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Selection Robusto
"A real gem"
Got 2 of these in a sampler and they sat in the humidor for a couple a months as I dont care for box pressed. Finay got around to smoking one and was pleasantly suprised. Mild,consistent burn and just an all around great cigar. Glad I have one left to smoke while I order more.
Mel in Vanc WA November 12, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Selection Corona
"Nasty cigar"
Do not buy this cigar.
Mel in Vanc WA November 12, 2010 October 13, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Selection Robusto
"Sour but good finish"
Sour start, but good finish. Heavy chocolate and coffee finish. Had problems with tunneling and needs relighting if left unpuffed for more than 2 minutes. Smoke this one fast! Maybe it needs a super humid humidor... dunno. I like the CAO Brazilia for full flavor and the Macunudo Hyde Park for a mild smoke myself. I'm just not impressed with this cigar.
Josh in Durham May 1, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Selection Robusto
"Don't take these sailing"
Setting: upper deck on a cruise. OK construction; unattractive first sight. Bland unburned smell. Lighted unevenly (with Zippo lighter in windy condition) but burned evenly. Gray ash. Went out if left unpuffed for 3-5 minutes due cold windy condition. Cool and smooth smoke on every puff. Tasted hint of sour and salty but mostly bitter like coffee bean. If they ever go on sale again I will try them in a less windy condition.
Josh in Durham May 1, 2010 April 4, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Selection Robusto
Just a word about the size of this stick. The ones I received were square pressed down to a 5 x40 at their widest. How this could happen to a cigar that supposedly began as a 50 gauger is beyond my understanding, Don't know if it was a one time fluke, but Famous accommodated me with a full refund.
Leo in Madison February 23, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Selection Robusto
"Decent bang for the buck"
Picked up a 5 pack on Monster for $10. Has to be the ugliest looking cigars I ever had....wrappers were wavy, like they weren't aged on all 5. However they burned well with a medium output of smoke and strength. Maybe the wrapper issue was a one-time thing? Taste was leathery with the tiniest hint of spice and would suffice for an every day cheapo. Doubt I'll buy again, but can't say that I'm disappointed for the price. But, since I can get the Cohiba pequenos for about the same price per stick, I'll stick to them.
Dave in Philly February 7, 2010
Flor De Gonzalez Selection Torpedo
"Impressively good cigar and great price"
Nice, even slow burn. Beautiful white ash. Medium body, lots of nutty flavor with hints of cocoa. Very nice looking box press
Paul S in New Jersey November 17, 2009
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