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"ok cigar"
i have smoked several of them the need work smokes ok draw is good but when u cut or clip the end it tends to fall apart over all its a good cigar id give it a c+ not a really good cigar but not a bad cigar for the money i may buy again if it goes on sale
dan d in south of boston MA July 23, 2014
"good cigar"
i have smoked about 9 cigars out of my 2 bundles nice cigar for the money burn is fine but a couple cigars have un wraped on me but will buy again nice taste yes i would tell friends about this stays lite pretty well their i do smoke the higher end cigars but this cigar will fill my humi again really good for a budget cigar
cigar man in south of boston ma June 26, 2014
"Nice Priced Smoke!!!"
I bought 2 bundles of these sticks. So far they have been very good. I like the taste and smell of the Sumatra wrapper. Been in the humidor for a few months know and getting better with each one!!!
Steve in Clyde.Ohio December 30, 2013
"I recommand trying it"
Great cigar, very good price for it.
Michael in florida April 17, 2011
"needs work"
Ok taste wise, this cigar isn't bad for the price but it has a lot of problems. I have smoked 10 now and none of them burned evenly. When you take them out of the plastic they smell like a horse barn and when you get half way through the cigar they start to unravel. The outer layer just starts peeling off which makes them look like crap.
Steven Rayl in Indiana March 8, 2011
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