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Flor De Las Antillas Reviews

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Flor De Las Antillas Toro Gordo
"Sweet and smooth"
Can't believe there's no reviews of this fine cigar. Very sweet and creamy right from the first draw that's hard to find, want a box soon
Dan in Cally May 31, 2013
Flor De Las Antillas Robusto
"Save your money"
My opinion is that these cigars are far from high end smokes. This should be a 4 dollar cigar. I always start by tasting the unlit cigar. Take a un lit draw and taste the tobacco. A lot of cigars taste like hay, or straw. These taste like straw. The beginning of the cigar was very harsh, and sour. It had a light draw. When I got to the end of the cigar it mellowed out some. I would give this cigar about a 60. The Partagas 1845 are far better. I am a one cigar a day smoker. I had sampled many types and from many regions. Its sad that there is a lot of trash out there. I am also not the type of cigar guy that describes his cigars, as Creamy, or a hint of coffee. My daily smokes, are the 1845s, I have tried many smokes, and this suits my needs, when im not in a country that I can get Cubans. Anyway, happy smoking.
robert in Cincinnati May 1, 2013
Flor De Las Antillas Toro
"Very nice."
Let me say this now: I don't know about number one, but don't let that deter you. This is still an excellent smoke. You can tell it was made with great care. It's very soft, yet sturdy, and has excellent construction, a perfect draw, and lovely flavors. And at its reasonable price, there is no reason you shouldn't get a single or a five pack to try it out. However, don't go into it expecting the greatest experience you'll ever have, but just take it for what it is: a kick-ass smoke. You'll really enjoy it.
Jacob in Illinois April 27, 2013
Flor De Las Antillas Robusto
"Great Cigar and value"
The My Father crew did it again!! What a great cigar. Very smooth draw, great flavors throughout. Not overly complex, but more "just right". The box press was a pleasure to hold. I bought a box of these for a party, and they were a hit.
Tony in Texas April 21, 2013
Flor De Las Antillas Belicoso
"Excellent Cigar"
This is a solid cigar. It starts out with a leathery flavor, but as you get towards the middle of the cigar, cedar begins to take over. The construction and appearance is excellent, but it wasn't as complex as I expected based on the CA reviews of the toro. While I am glad that I invested in a box (and would buy one again), I think these cigars are overhyped. I would give it a 90/100.
Bob in Nazareth March 1, 2013
Flor De Las Antillas Toro
"Disappointed with "The Cigar of 2012""
Maybe it was all the hype behind the stick that let me down. I thought the taste was decent. It had a very good draw and appearance but i wasn't blown away like some others. For me the Romeo by Romeo Y Julieta was a much better smoke.
Billy in Alabama March 1, 2013
Flor De Las Antillas Robusto
"Decent draw and good flavor"
I liked this cigar. It's definitely not the best cigar I've ever had but I really enjoyed smoking it. I don't think it deserved to be No. 1 on Cigar Aficionado's best of 2012 list however. Definitely somewhere on the list but not number one. Overall however this was a good smoke and I'll definitely buy some more.
Mike in Livermore, CA February 28, 2013
Flor De Las Antillas Belicoso
"knuckle burner"
GREAT CIGAR ! Burn was perfect, ash was long, and flavor was excellent till the end. The draw was smooth and consistent. Don't miss out on this cigar ! My box will fill with these cigars !
Ken Vogel in Norway Maine February 13, 2013
Flor De Las Antillas Toro
A beautiful toro, well constructed dry wrapper. Notes of fresh cocoa before I even lit it! Great draw and flavors of white pepper and a hint of floral.
Brian in Costa Mesa, CA November 15, 2012
Flor De Las Antillas Toro
"Enjoyable to the nub"
This is a new one for me from the My Father family of cigars. It blew me away with it's complexity accompanied by a smooth full flavor. I enjoyed it right down to the finger burning stage... which was about two hours. Perfect draw and even burn. One of my new fav sticks. Gorgeous band also!
Steven in Nashville September 19, 2012
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