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Flor De Oliva Reviews

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Flor De Oliva 7 X 50
"I Can Smoke These"
I think these are very good cigars for the money. Burn good but fast; max 30 minute burn time and you have to keep pace. Ash is light so tap frequently. Draw is great and consistent. Mild sweet tobacco and pepper taste...nice easy going daily smoker.
Ro in Rochester, NY September 4, 2014
Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"Long, Reliable Smoke"
Recently was at a cigar bar, and after smoking one of their R%26J Bully Robustos, I lit up one of these FDOs. I was surprised at how good it was in comparison. Also enjoy them on a long drive: over an hour of pleasure. A consistent, long smoke!
LifeOnAString in Northeast August 30, 2014
Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"Fine Smoke"
I would say this is one of the best buys for the price was not disappointed Ashed will,good draw, and good taste.I would tell a friend to buy this Cigar.
Jim in wichita,ks. June 26, 2014
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"Excellent daily stick"
An excellent stick for your money, but only the sweet sumatra, the maduros are quite harsh on your palate.
Gene in Miami fl June 24, 2014
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"Cigar fanatic"
This is my everyday smoke. I keep at least 20 in my humidor at all times.
Tim in Kansas City June 22, 2014
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"Not Bad"
Well constructed, good looking smoke. A bit more harsh then what I was hoping for but over all not bad and very consistent.
Jay in Centerville, Pa May 23, 2014
Flor De Oliva 7 X 50
"Great value"
This cigar has a great maduro wrapper for the price. Oliva always does. Tastes like a much more expensive cigar. Some burn a little uneven but that is what torch lighters are for
Keith in Indianapolis May 7, 2014
Flor De Oliva Torpedo
"The Flor de Olivia Maduro Torpedo"
Great cigar, my favorite for the frequent/occasional smoke. Thank you Flor de Olivia.
Robeh April 23, 2014
Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"Great smoke, above expectations"
I am very impressed with the quality of this cigar.
Orlando in Tampa, FL April 11, 2014
Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"Wow Much better than I thought"
This is a great cigar for the price. Nice and smooth, sweet draw. Cant beat the price. You won t go wrong if you want an everyday smoke that won t break the bank, or leave you feeling dizzy afterwards. Hope the word doesn t get out, and they raise the price
Orlando in Tampa, FL April 11, 2014 November 27, 2013
Amilcar Perez Castro
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