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Flor De Oliva Reviews

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Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"Wow Much better than I thought"
This is a great cigar for the price. Nice and smooth, sweet draw. Cant beat the price. You won t go wrong if you want an everyday smoke that won t break the bank, or leave you feeling dizzy afterwards. Hope the word doesn t get out, and they raise the price
An anonymous smoker November 27, 2013
Flor De Oliva 5 X 50 Maduro
"good cigar for a great price"
I ve only smoked one of these, and one of the Toro, both were good cigars. Very tasty wrapper, well made with lots of rich smoke. The caps are great and can be punched instead of clipped. I left both in the humi for a while @ 69%. Worth a try if you like a medium bodied maduro.
Steven in NC, USA October 27, 2013
Flor De Oliva Giant Presidente
"Better make sure you got the time...."
Because this cigar will take a bit to smoke. Tried these since they were on sale. Have to admit a bit more than I was ready for. Only had 2 since I got them Each was over 1 1/2 hours of smoking time. Nice and relaxing when you have the time.
James in Hattiesburg Ms October 7, 2013
Flor De Oliva Super Giant
"Going Downhill"
This is not a "new" cigar--since I have smoked them from when they were first released several years ago. Over the past two years, the quality has gone down-hill. Cigars split even before they are smoked, or soon after lighting, and deconstruct in you hand. Some are OK and some are terrible. It's an understatement to call these "inconsistent." The same thing happens with the new Oliva 1066s offered here with a different green band and a new name. I'll try these cigars in two years, when Oliva has gotten its act back together.
JD Allen in Northern CA August 11, 2013
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"A great everyday smoke"
I have been smoking these cigars after getting them in a sampler many years ago. The taste and draw are fantastic. The constuction can be hit or miss along with the burn but only on a couple per bundle. the consistency over the years has been impressive at this price range. a great everyday smoke
jimmy in Illinois July 8, 2013
Flor De Oliva 7 X 50
"Terrible, could not keep them lit. Trashed them."
Terrible, could not keep them lit. Trashed them
Ed in Alexanria va. June 28, 2013
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"Great Smoke"
This is a go to cigar taste good constant well made one of my faves.
Marcus in Washington Pa. May 18, 2013
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"Decent smoke"
Since money has become really tight for me, I had to find something other than my usual Griffin's, Romeo y Julieta Vintage and Acid cigars to smoke. As a cheap bundle cigar, the Flor de Oliva is a decent cigar. The wrapper and binder are a bit cheap, but the taste and burn are good. I have purchased about 10 bundles of these by now, and only occasionally have a hard draw or uneven burn. Do not smoke these while driving though, 9 times out of 10, the wrapper will unravel when you ash out the window. If you're like me and just need to find something cheaper than your usual $8-$12 cigars, then these should fit the bill. I kind of like the sweet cap, but I also like sweet aromatics, that's what the Acid cigars are. If you don't like your cigars to have a sweet taste, don't sweat it, the sweetness goes away after just a few drags.
Jerry in Sycamore, IL April 24, 2013
Flor De Oliva Torpedo
"Sweetener added?"
A coworker gave me one of these to try, as these are his favorite... To each his own, tastes like it was dipped in a sweetener/sugar. Construction is terrible, heavy draw. This cant be Oliva!
Jerry in Sycamore, IL April 24, 2013 April 23, 2013
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"For the money..."
You can't beat 'em. They're not San Lotanos or Olivas, but they're not bad.
jetdrvr in Florida April 20, 2013
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