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Flor De Oliva Reviews

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Flor De Oliva Torpedo
I attempted to smoke three of these. The key word is "attempted." The wrapper would not burn at all or evenly. The leaf burned down in the center leaving much of the leaf unburned. Do not waste your money on these as I returned the rest of the unused bundle.
Robert in Massachusetts April 14, 2013
Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"Perfect draw: 20 out of 20"
Large Presidente size. Perfect draw through all 20 cigars. Definitely a strong (or full) cigar. What's strange is that the cigars come coated with a sweet sugar flavor on the wrapper, which you can rinse off or the sugar eventually just goes away. It's similar to a sweet tipped machine made cigar. All in all, you can't go wrong for the price. It beat the (2) Famous brands that we purchased at the same time. I didn't wait to smoke them (sorry perfectionsists); I am sure they get better in the humidor.
David in Sunnyside March 11, 2013
Flor De Oliva 5 X 50
"Great smoke"
This cigar gets a 90 rating from me. Smoked one same day I received bundle. Started off hard and strong but mellowed out quickly. Great taste great draw and burned evenly to the nub. Can't wait to try after a few months in humidor.
Devon in Delaware February 16, 2013
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"Great smoke"
I have purchased this bundle once and am about to buy it again. I tend to like sweet aromatics, so the sweet cap on this cigar is plesent treat for me. The construction, draw and burn is great. Out of the entire first bundle, I only had one or two cigars burn unevenly. Not bad for a low priced cigar. I look forward to getting my next bundle in the mail!
JDH in Sycamore, IL January 30, 2013
Flor De Oliva Super Giant
This is a fantastic cigar from start to finish,it has a great rich taste with some sweet notes to it. could not put it down and I never smoked a cigar untill I couldn't hold it anymore.
Sal in Florida October 31, 2012
Flor De Oliva Torpedo
"Not that great"
So, I picked one of these up, and I have to say it was an all around terrible cigar. Even though it looked good, the two biggest areas for me were horrible. The draw was really hard, like give you an aneurism hard, and the taste was complete *hit. Just not a great smoke. If I were Oliva, I would get my name off of these ASAP.
Phil in Dallas September 23, 2012
Flor De Oliva 5 X 50 Maduro
JOSE in ILLINOIS September 10, 2012
Flor De Oliva Super Giant
"Good cigars, especially for the price"
A well above average cigar, and a bargain. I've tried many high priced big name cigars, and all of them occasionally have draw, burn, and consistency issues, especially with any cigar this size.
JR in Montana August 13, 2012
Flor De Oliva 5 X 50
"Great cigar for a great price"
I bought a couple of these looking to try a cheaper cigar and i was surprised to find that this was a really great quality smoke. The flavor is good and has a little peppery taste. I compare it to a Montecristo #1 but plus the sweet gum flavor of a baccarat or an acid. Lit easily and burned evenly all the way to the end. The draw was great on the one i had. I think my buddy had a little bit of a tough time with his though so i expect the consistency is not perfect.
Josh in Buffalo, NY July 24, 2012
Flor De Oliva Torpedo
Used to be my favorite Oliva. Won't even buy them now. Inconsistent, acid tobacco, loose pack, etc. So long torpedo.
John in North Yarmouth July 11, 2012
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