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Flor De Oliva Reviews

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Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"Heavenly Smoke"
This is one smooth, tasty cigar. Best I've had in long time and a real bargain. Overall, I would I easily rate this as 90. Perfect burning and consistent.
John in Phoenix, Arizona March 16, 2012
Flor De Oliva 6 1/2 X 44
"Great every day stick"
I bought my first stick in Oct 08 and it has become the only cigar I smoke, I run through 4 bundels a month, great smoke
Carl M in Maryland January 6, 2012
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"I aged these..."
..and have evolved in a nice smoke. bought a bundle and let them age 6 months in humidor. much more mellow and nice burn.
Mike in Stockton, CA December 31, 2011
Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"Best bang for your buck!"
Like pretyt much all the other reviews stated, this cigar is about as good as it gets for the money. I bought these as a low cost alternative to some of the higher price sticks I USED to smoke on the daily. This is becoming my go-to choice for all occasions now. Like another reviewer said, You can cut these big ol long dudes in half and have two smokes out of one stick. This works well for me also. It's amazing that I will move aside my fine cigars to smoke these. Side note.... These are 8" sticks. Be sure your Humi can handle these before you order a 20 pack. I was lucky in that mine was large enough, but not by much. It sure got real cramped in there, real quick.
Bryan L in Nashville, TN December 7, 2011
Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"What a great cigar"
I am certainly not as experienced as many of the reviewer I have read here, but when it comes to this cigar, I am delighted. The taste is a bit mild for me, but that is individual taste. The burn is great, the consistency is excellent, the draw is really good through the smoke and the construction is solid. A real hidden treasure and an absolute delight.
David in Northern California November 30, 2011
Flor De Oliva 7 X 50
"Great smoke!!!"
A buddy of mine and I were visiting a store, and although I was hesitant to try a maduro, the price was relatively cheap, so I went for it. The first one I smoked was smooth, and full of flavor. I couldn't believe I was smoking a $4 cigar. The second one was packed a little too tight, but I'm not letting that stop me from buying more. A great maduro for a great price.
Matt in Florida November 30, 2011
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"Too bad about the sweet cap"
Good burn, well constructed, good draw. The sweetened cap is really unnecessary and distracting on this cigar. A nice medium taste, not a whole lot of flavor, but nothing nasty. So why the sweet cap? I get enough Splenda with my coffee in the morning. Pretty sure there's an artificial sweetener on there, it's not natural.
Ben October 20, 2011
Flor De Oliva 6 X 50
"Excellent, Finished These First."
Ordered the bundle of 20 along with three 5 packs of Macanudos, Punch, & Romeo Y Julieta's - finished these before the others & re-ordering more! These will always be in my humidor.
RG in Sacramento, CA July 4, 2011
Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"Oliva Does Not Disappoint"
I have been buying FDO's for over a year now. I thought I'd give these larger ones a try because, well, you can cut them in half! And guess what, it worked! I think I got less tobacco in my mouth from cut front half than from the finished end. Both halves smoked perfectly too. Great cigar all around.
Craig in Michigan June 23, 2011
Flor De Oliva 8 X 52
"Great cigar for a great price"
Got these as a gift. Now I buy them regularly. Great cigar in all aspects for a great price. Keep the price where it is, I'll keep buying them.
Jake in Boston June 12, 2011
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