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Flor De Oliva Corojo Reviews

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Flor De Oliva Corojo 7 X 50
"They've been better..."
This last bundle I bought was substandard. One simply shed the wrapper like a snake sheds its skin and was unsmokable. Two more had trash filler in them, causing them to canoe badly. One was totally unsmokable due to a bad draw. I'll save my money fron now on. Too bad. This was once a great cigar for the money. Oliva is resting on its laurels and betting on its name.
jetdrvr in Central Florida October 14, 2013
Flor De Oliva Corojo 5 X 50
I bought a bundle to try. I will be buying these on a regular basis. Superb stick here.
george knoppe in usa July 6, 2013
Flor De Oliva Corojo Torpedo
"Numbers don't mean anything"
It's a good cigar. Not a great cigar, by far. I'm not gonna go broke bidding on it, but if I get a decent price, I'll buy it. Pay more than 35 bucks & you're a sucker.
jet in Florida April 25, 2013
Flor De Oliva Corojo 5 X 50
This spicy little treat has become my favorite "go to" everyday cigar. Great with a morning cup of coffee, or an evening ale! First bundle has been aging in my cooler for 6 months and only a few left....second bundle is aging right now, plan to work my stash down and buy more of these to age as it is by farm my FAVORITE INEXPENSIVE EVERYDAY CIGAR!! In fact this beats many I have smoked in the $5-10 range, love em.
Tim in Upstate New York January 24, 2012
Flor De Oliva Corojo 7 X 50
"Best bang for the buck out there. !!"
I have been around the horn. Payed big bucks for a lot less of a gigar. The best value I have found.
Chris in Milton-Freewater Or. August 17, 2011
Flor De Oliva Corojo 5 X 50
"Great !!!"
Straightfoward, even burn, consistant, the first draw will summarize the whole stick. Could easily sell for twice the price and be within reason
Gene in Mount Bethel PA July 19, 2011
Flor De Oliva Corojo 7 X 50
"still good after 3 years"
I bought these several years ago and, since I only get to smoke during 3 seasons, some have been sitting for quite awhile. I tried one last night and even though they're pretty one dimensional, they're a nice medium/full cigar. No burn problems except a little fast. Perfect white ash that usually doesn't let you know before it falls but it's always long.
Gene in Mount Bethel PA July 19, 2011 June 1, 2011
Flor De Oliva Corojo Torpedo
"Great Value, Great Cigar"
These Corojo torpedos are simply the best value around. I am an Oliva Cigar lover. These people really care about their cigars. The Flor De Oliva Corojos are what I smoke between my Master Blends and Serie V. What is surprising is that the bundled Flor De Olivas offer similar pleasure, with a very good construction.
Warren in Clarkston, MI January 23, 2010
Flor De Oliva Corojo Torpedo
"Wow! These cigars rock!"
Wow! These cigars rock! I tried a few singles of this cigar in Columbus, Ohio last fall during the All-American Quarter Congress and they were fantastic. Excellent construction, great burn/draw and a nice spicy taste. Full-bodied with a long finish.
Michael O. in Pickett, Wisconsin August 4, 2009
Flor De Oliva Corojo 5 X 50
"difficult to smoke"
I had no problem getting the cigar to stay lit. The burn was pretty consistant the entire way down. However, it felt like i was sucking throw a straw that had something stuck in the end. I cut it about 3 times trying to get a better draw, but no luck. The flavor was descent...would have gotten a better idea if I could draw more smoke. For the price I would give it another shot
Chris in Maryland July 17, 2009
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