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Flor De Oliva Corojo Reviews

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Flor De Oliva Corojo 6 X 50
"Ok for the price"
I received two in a flight sampler offered here at famous, both cigars burned uneven and had loose wrappers. out side of construction issues, this smoke had an even leathery flavor from start to finish; never peaking or slowing down.
Jason in Massachusetts June 6, 2009
Flor De Oliva Corojo Torpedo
"Great Smoke For A Great Price"
Excellent consistency in every bundle that I have purchased. Very nice construction with an excellent draw. Starts out medium bodied, then builds to full with a variety of pepper undertones throughout. Nice long finish.
Michael in Pickett, WI May 19, 2009
Flor De Oliva Corojo 6 X 50
"Yes, Baby, Yes!!!"
Full-flavored, with great mouth-feel, wonderful Corojo wrapper, even burn...there's nothing negative to say about this cigar. I have smoked numerous bunches, and can't recall getting a bad one. What a deal!
Craig in Lampasas, TX January 31, 2009
Flor De Oliva Corojo 5 X 50
"One of my favorites"
These start a bit harsh but quickly turn to a great smoke. One of my favorites. They are also a tremendous bargain, which makes it easy to keep the humidor stocked.
cvt in Vermont November 14, 2008
Flor De Oliva Corojo 6 X 50
"one of the best for the price"
I have never had a bad oliva the corjo wrapper is is a great addition to this line.
Levans in Arkansas August 15, 2008
Flor De Oliva Corojo Torpedo
"Very good cigar, great value!"
I bought abundle of these after reading the positive reviews of the standard F de O line, and because of my own personal taste for the corojo wrapper. In terms of construction, they're pretty well-made. The only burn issue I've had is that they occasionally tunnel about 3/4 of the way through, but it's a minor complaint. They have a nice, medium flavor, and they've just gotten better and smoother with time in the humidor. For the price, this a great working stiff's cigar.
Dan in Oakland, CA April 21, 2008
Flor De Oliva Corojo 5 X 50
"Excellent for an under $2/stick smoke!"
These are more flavorful then cigars 3x their price. Grab some!
Robert in PA April 18, 2008
Flor De Oliva Corojo 5 X 50
"indeed a spicy wrapper..."
this was a great smoke, finished almost to the last inch. great value for the price. I alternate between Flor de Oliva and Drew Estate's La Vieja Habana as my everyday smoke...but dont tell anyone
MvW in West Texas January 23, 2008
Flor De Oliva Corojo 6 X 50
Famous builds this cigar up way too much. It's smokable... barley. The wrappers are thin and come appart everytime. DO NOT finger roll. Hollow, shallow taste with artifical tasting caps.
Stinky in St. Petersburg, Florida May 31, 2007
Flor De Oliva Corojo 7 X 50
"Most Decent Cigar"
Good cigar for the money. Construction was better than I expected. One dimensional, but not unpleasant taste. Bad news: you need to re-light constantly. Good news: it re-lights without the dreaded bitter taste. Overall, if you are looking for cigars at a modest price point, this one is an extremely decent choice.
Allen Sirken in TX May 21, 2007
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