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Flor De Oliva Gold 5 X 50 Reviews [view details]

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"Don't waste your money"
I smoked this cigar a few days ago and I guess I had high hopes for it. At first glance it looks like a well constructed cigar but once I cut the cap and started smoking it the cap started to come off and it took a modification to fix it (which I believe shouldn't happen with any cigar). The burn was not even at all throughout the whole cigar. There was no taste in my opinion, all I tasted was straight tobacco. On all other cigars I have smoked the ash falls off after about 2-3 inches but the ash on this cigar fell off every inch which I did not like. I kept the cigar in my humidor for about 1-2 weeks prior to smoking. This cigar is also very mild. The cigar is worth a try at a cheap price and if you are curious about it but I would not recommend it if someone asked me. I was hoping this cigar could be a light daily cigar but I was mistaken. Try a Cusano CC it's about the same price (maybe even cheaper) and definitely better in my opinion.
in April 21, 2013
"Like smoking a paper bag."
I smoked this cigar (my first cigar ever) several years ago, and gave it another shot recently. It is simply terrible. No flavor- just ash. No point to smoking one at all. Save your money and buy a Perdomo 10th Anniversary Maduro.
Jake in WA January 23, 2012
"Good first-time smoke"
This was my first cigar ever smoked. Got it as a recommendation from a local shop. From the little experience that I have had, it is a great starter cigar. The draw was nice, and it produced plenty of rich smoke. This cigar serves as the perfect introduction into the cigar world--at a great price!
Joe in Iowa June 21, 2011
"I'll pass"
Tried Two of these about a month apart from each other the first one was absolutely horrible. cracks all over fell apart and the Flavor was what I could only describe as chewed up grass. The Second was a little better flavor wise but still awful construction. Spend a little more and get an Oliva O, G, or V.
MN in Greenville, NC April 18, 2011
"Poorly Constructed"
Received 2 of these in a sampler. The prelight inspection saw cracks in the wrapper which increased when the cap was cut. A pre light draw was like sucking through an open straw. It was packed way too loosely. Once lit the flavor, aroma and nice rich smoke saved this cigar from a failing grade. Halfway through, the wrapper just fell apart. Hopefully, this was just a one cigar issue and the second sample will hold together better. Just a grade of C in my book.
Mike K in Utica NY September 6, 2010
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