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Flor De Oliva Gold Reviews

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Flor De Oliva Gold 7 X 50
"Worst Cigar I have ever smoked"
Bought a bundle of these at famous smoke. com. big mistake. they are the worst smoke I have ever had. Tastes like cheap tobacco bathed in s sugar coating to hide the taste .. run do not hide from these.
R. Ady in Montana February 23, 2014
Flor De Oliva Gold Torpedo
"Not bad"
I was surprised how much I enjoyed a $1.50 stick. I ended up getting a couple bundles and plan on buying more.
Rick in Colorado Springs, CO August 8, 2013
Flor De Oliva Gold Torpedo
"Cheap Harsh and Disappointing"
Inexpensive, not cheap. Taste the fire not tobacco Not good for me the Materials of construction are seconds or less and it shows.
Clint in Santa Rosa June 30, 2013
Flor De Oliva Gold Torpedo
"Decent stick..."
...but certainly not worth more than a buck and a half. Some of the bids I've seen for this stogie are ridiculous.
jetdrvr in Florida June 13, 2013
Flor De Oliva Gold 5 X 50
"Don't waste your money"
I smoked this cigar a few days ago and I guess I had high hopes for it. At first glance it looks like a well constructed cigar but once I cut the cap and started smoking it the cap started to come off and it took a modification to fix it (which I believe shouldn't happen with any cigar). The burn was not even at all throughout the whole cigar. There was no taste in my opinion, all I tasted was straight tobacco. On all other cigars I have smoked the ash falls off after about 2-3 inches but the ash on this cigar fell off every inch which I did not like. I kept the cigar in my humidor for about 1-2 weeks prior to smoking. This cigar is also very mild. The cigar is worth a try at a cheap price and if you are curious about it but I would not recommend it if someone asked me. I was hoping this cigar could be a light daily cigar but I was mistaken. Try a Cusano CC it's about the same price (maybe even cheaper) and definitely better in my opinion.
jetdrvr in Florida June 13, 2013 April 21, 2013
Flor De Oliva Gold Torpedo
"Favorite for years"
This cigar has been my favorite for years. "Has" is the operative word. I am weary of the draw that isn't or is to hard. My experience with this cigar spans several years about 5 bundles per month. In the beginning I tossed 2 or 3 from a bundle now I am tossing at least 25%. I will try something other than the torpedo if that doesn't work ???
Cliff in Colorado November 30, 2012
Flor De Oliva Gold 6 X 50
I bought a bundle from my cigar shop since he was out of my regular ones. They are more expensive, but much smoother. I think they also smoke quicker; but don't leave any aftertaste. They light well and evenly. I've read some reviews that really beat up on this cigar and this brand. I've not found the brand suffering.
Terry in Pinellas Park, FL October 1, 2012
Flor De Oliva Gold 7 X 50
"just found this one at the bottom of a humidor"
after no doubt a year, I pulled this thing out and fired it up only to have one great cigar experience. from some reviews i have read I suspect that folks just dont let these cigars rest enough. I have had some great cigars after letting them rest after not wanting to smoke them because of bad burn,flavor or my own bad attitude. My advice to new smokers is just relax and not try to force the cigar to be good, just let it rest and it just may come around for you and and be your friend
david in arizona July 21, 2012
Flor De Oliva Gold Torpedo
"Good value, harsh flavor"
Not bad for the price, but they are a bit strong.
JRS in Middlesex, NY April 10, 2012
Flor De Oliva Gold 5 X 50
"Like smoking a paper bag."
I smoked this cigar (my first cigar ever) several years ago, and gave it another shot recently. It is simply terrible. No flavor- just ash. No point to smoking one at all. Save your money and buy a Perdomo 10th Anniversary Maduro.
Jake in WA January 23, 2012
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