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Flor De Oliva Gold Reviews

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Flor De Oliva Gold 7 X 50
"Very good smoke for the price"
I would recommend thiscigar to anyone who is looking for a medium tasting cigar. It has a smooth draw, good taste with an even burn. Overall a very good smoke for the price,
Jim in Wisconsin September 9, 2010
Flor De Oliva Gold 5 X 50
"Poorly Constructed"
Received 2 of these in a sampler. The prelight inspection saw cracks in the wrapper which increased when the cap was cut. A pre light draw was like sucking through an open straw. It was packed way too loosely. Once lit the flavor, aroma and nice rich smoke saved this cigar from a failing grade. Halfway through, the wrapper just fell apart. Hopefully, this was just a one cigar issue and the second sample will hold together better. Just a grade of C in my book.
Mike K in Utica NY September 6, 2010
Flor De Oliva Gold 6 X 50
"Very nice smoke."
One of the best $3 and under sticks I've had. Great construction, burn and a very nice mild-med taste.
j.d July 23, 2010
Flor De Oliva Gold Torpedo
"Incredible Value, One of my Favorites!!"
I had one of these sticks in my humidor for about 3 months. The construction is excellent, the burn and draw were the best on any cigar I've ever had. I prefer a medium to full body smoke, but for the price, these cigars can't be beat. Order a bundle, you won't be disappointed!
BKS in Minneapolis April 7, 2010
Flor De Oliva Gold 7 X 50
"Great cigar..Enjoyable"
Just ordered my 2nd bundle of these beauties.. I thoroughly enjoy them.. As a previous reviewer stated..The draw can be a bit disconcerting at times but it's still a GREAT smoking cigar.
Woody in Mililani, Hi October 13, 2009
Flor De Oliva Gold 7 X 50
"Pretty nice cigar"
This is a nice tasting cigar.. Kinda tough on the burn and draw..It has it's moments.. But overall a nice tasting smoke
Woody in Hawaii October 6, 2009
Flor De Oliva Gold Torpedo
"my favorite afforadable smoke"
i am ordering a box as i write this,great construction ,burn, you name it ,not a better cigar at the price ,the topdedo is my favorite shape.
gerald in conroe texas August 9, 2009
Flor De Oliva Gold Torpedo
I like mild cigars, but this one is one of my favorites. More than "value for money".
Ernesto in Lago Puelo, Argentina May 24, 2009
Flor De Oliva Gold Torpedo
"My "Everyday" Cigar"
I'll smoke a Gold or Corojo eveyday. A great value. Even draw very consistant.
Joe in Florida April 17, 2008
Flor De Oliva Gold 6 X 50
"Flor De Oliva is best bargan around."
natural or maduro never harsh at the start and goes to a wonderful finish. This is a very good cigar for everyday use when you want a stick but don't have time to meditate about it with three fingers of your favorite adult beverage.
Joe in Ocean City, Maryland February 21, 2008
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