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Flor De Oliva Super Giant Reviews [view details]

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"Ten inches of fun"
I bought these mostly because they are unusual, but it turns out they're pretty darn good, too. They are indeed a jaw-breaker to smoke, and my blade cutter could barely even pull enough off the end to get started. A punch cutter works better. Smoke one of these in public and you'll get plenty of looks and comments. Try a bundle, you'll like 'em.
Keith in Michigan April 29, 2006
I really liked the 6x50 size. I decided to try these monsters. From the time I lit it, what a dissapointment. The flavor was similar to smoking cardboard. Everything I experienced in the 6x50 was missing - except for the white ash. This cigar smoked like a true second. About half-way through - I couldn't stand it no more and put it out. Fired up two others - only got worse. The burn was very uneven and the wrapper fell apart. Maybe I got a bad bundle. I want to like these - but it is hard to. I'll try one more bundle - and hope to have a better experience.
Mike in California March 1, 2005
"A Monstrous Treat!"
Camping on the lake after a good day fishing, I pulled my tupperdor out and surprised 2 buddies with a super giant. Their jaws dropped and then they clover leaf punched the monsters head. All I heard was ummm, ohh man these are really good. The draw through 10 inches of 66 ring tobacco couldn't have been any better. A massive voluminous cloud of sweet nutty smoke formed above our heads for 3 hours and 10 min. We also each finished 12 beers before snuffing out the beasts. Fond memories of a really good monster cigar. Get some if you got the time.
Tabac Mack in Omak September 15, 2004
"A smooth draw. Very good smoke."
I bought a bundle of Flor De Oliva Super Giants as a novelty.I brought them to a cookout and was very surprised.For a large cigar it had a great draw,burned even, and had great taste.I wouldn't replace my normal smoke with it(I don't have that much time)but I will definitely bring some to my next cookout.
"Love these big honkers!"
I damn near bust my jaw smokin' 'em but they are a terrific smoke for the dough. Kinda' nutty and sweet and very cool smokin'. Even burnin' too. I gotta try one of the smaller sizes like an 8x60. Soon as I get my freakin' jaw wired I'll put in an order. Seriously, I really love these palookas.
Frenchy's Pipes in Nashville July 27, 2004
"a two hour smoke"
Good cigar for the price. Nice burn and a smoth draw considering the size.This is a kick back smoke.this cigar held it's own. Nice grey ash.Easy to light and wondefully delightful.
Andrew J Bright in victorville ca October 4, 2003
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10 Taste (88) 100
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10 Construction (84) 100
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