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"Going Downhill"
This is not a "new" cigar--since I have smoked them from when they were first released several years ago. Over the past two years, the quality has gone down-hill. Cigars split even before they are smoked, or soon after lighting, and deconstruct in you hand. Some are OK and some are terrible. It's an understatement to call these "inconsistent." The same thing happens with the new Oliva 1066s offered here with a different green band and a new name. I'll try these cigars in two years, when Oliva has gotten its act back together.
JD Allen in Northern CA August 11, 2013
This is a fantastic cigar from start to finish,it has a great rich taste with some sweet notes to it. could not put it down and I never smoked a cigar untill I couldn't hold it anymore.
Sal in Florida October 31, 2012
"Good cigars, especially for the price"
A well above average cigar, and a bargain. I've tried many high priced big name cigars, and all of them occasionally have draw, burn, and consistency issues, especially with any cigar this size.
JR in Montana August 13, 2012
"Decent quality, but not enough for the price."
I bought this thinking it would be an awesome showpiece for my cabinet humidor. I really didn't expect very high quality for the price but when I finally smoked one it was better than I had anticipated. The taste was good, more of a medium than full strength. The draw was surprisingly good given it's huge size and the appearance was one of the best I have seen. It's shortcomings include the consistency of the burn which sometimes became quite uneven, the burn itself was average or less given it went out a couple times. And lastly, the construction was average and flaked a bit while smoking. To summarize, it's a good cigar but I would wait for it to go on sale given it's drawbacks.
Shane in Minnesota May 13, 2012
"wished for better"
My girlfriend and I love BIG cigars, but was disappointed with the way the cigar started to unwrap and crack as we smoked it. The taste wasnt too bad but not great. The draw was better than I expected. If the wrapper was twice as thick..would be beter. Think I will look elseware.
Rob in PE, Canada April 14, 2011
"Very inconsistent"
I really love these cigar but the producer has real consistency problems and quality control. One bundle smokes great and the next bundle you can barely get a draw without your throat collapsing. Just be forewarned when they are good, it's something to enjoy but when they suck - you're tossing half of your order.
Keith in NYC January 9, 2011
"...novelty only..."
I like large Calibre (Canadian spelling guys) cigars, so I thought this would be interesting. Having had the Gold version in Toro size, I thought this should be ok. On receipt of the cigars I noticed that my hand looked really small holding one of these. The aroma was not good out of the cellophane - more like a beach cigar you get in the Domincan Republic - you know, lots of ammonia coming out. On light up - it was as the pre-light - not that good. Being a big tube - I had to draw until I got dizzy. I gave the rest to my 20 year old son to share with his friends who are too drunk to know better.
Joe in Ottawa, Canada May 25, 2010
"Not faultless but damn near!"
I couldn't give it a bad review (not least because everyone has different taste and there is no "one cigar to suit all") but I'll say this for the monster... On the grounds that the bundle is fresh and/or well kept; it smokes like a dream. Cutting is the only potential problem if you lack a punch cutter (as I did - past tense) but aside from that my advice is to set aside an afternoon or evening and hang a "do not disturb" sign on your forehead. You won't be sorry.
C.J. in Kent, UK August 5, 2008
Hey everybody...when you've got a free couple of hours you HAVE to try this one! The looks you recieve just lighting this one up will lead to some lively conversation...Don't judge because of the size...Give the BIG STICK a try...
S.K.Smith in VA October 18, 2006
"Thick smoke the greatest"
Love these cigars, best Draw i have ever had in a large cigar, brought the bundle to a house party last week and my buddies and i smoked them all lots of thick white smoke smoked the whole house up it was great, we finished them all off and are ordering more.
Mark in Granite Falls, Washington August 29, 2006
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