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Flor De Oliva Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"Sweetener added?"
A coworker gave me one of these to try, as these are his favorite... To each his own, tastes like it was dipped in a sweetener/sugar. Construction is terrible, heavy draw. This cant be Oliva!
in April 23, 2013
"Still Good After All These Years"
I don't get the other reviews here. I have never detected a change other than the bundle size. Great value, great flavor, good burn. Just be aware the natural has a sweetened tip.
Craig in Michigan April 16, 2013
Used to be my favorite Oliva. Won't even buy them now. Inconsistent, acid tobacco, loose pack, etc. So long torpedo.
John in North Yarmouth July 11, 2012
"I like smoking a cigar, not sucking it."
The first one out of the box was a great value, then I lit the second one. Inconsistency can be the hardest quality to maintain for any product and that is the same for this torpedo. Every time I open my humidor I'll be wondering if its going to be a good experience.
Bill Young in Texas April 26, 2011
"There is a Change"
I knew there was something different about this smoke. It used to be my favorite. However,the wrapper, the feel, and the taste of this cigar is no longer the same, nor is it my favorite. Too bad. It was a very good value, everyday cigar.
Bob in Charlotte, NC November 9, 2010
"changed for the worse"
This was my favorite smoke up to now. I don't know why the change came about but something did and made me switch. The old saying is so true..If its not broke, don't fix it. The feel of this cigar is off and the draw is hard.' So Long torpedo!
Rich in Queens, NY September 14, 2010
"Packed too loose"
I have been buying these Flor de Oliva torpedoes for several years, and, until now have felt they were a great value. Now, with this new tobacco tax, and the change in bundle size from 25 to 20, I think the construction has also changed. Less tobacco and more loosely packed. I can tell by the feel, the draw and the taste. In my opinion, it has become a poor quality cigar. I hate that too - I really liked them.
W. Starnes in Georgia September 9, 2009
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10 Consistency (63) 100
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10 Draw (62) 100
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10 Appearance (71) 100
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10 Taste (74) 100
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10 Construction (60) 100
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