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Fonseca Reviews

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Fonseca 5-50
"Excellent Every Time"
Everything about Fonseca 5-50 is excellent. Can't go wrong...I look forward to smoking this cigar as it is consistent in burn,draw and taste right down to the fingertips.
John Barberio in Lancaster NY May 3, 2011
Fonseca 5-50
"Very smooth, my new go-to"
This cigar is a perfect balance for an afternoon when I am not in the mood for a powerful smoke. Just lit my first one today,and wow! Smooth and a solid medium, yet with great flavor and nice even burn. Will definitely be getting a box to keep in my humi as a go to cigar.
John in Florida April 28, 2011
Fonseca 8-9-8
"Great Secret"
This is one of the best cigars in the market. Since they don't advertise as much as some of the others. It takes a friend to make you aware of this awesome cigar at a great price. Please keep the secret!
Manny in Florida March 16, 2011
Fonseca 5-50
This is a great mild cigar. A perfect choice for a new cigar smoker as well as someone who has smoked for years. I have yet to be disappointed. The burn can be a little uneven at first from time to time but otherwise the construction is good. Has a mellow woody taste with a nice sweetness to it. An excellent cigar for the price!
jack in ohio February 4, 2011
Fonseca Reserva Especial 2003
"Great Cigar!"
Not your typical fonseca! Very earthy and full flavored.Nice toasty finish with a great ash and even burn all the way through! This is a well made, balanced smoke.
Joe M in Orlando Florida May 22, 2010
Fonseca 5-50
"my main smoke"
My Humidor always has Fonseca 5-50's on hand. This is my favorite smoke, I enjoy it after a nice dinner out or a summer day in my back yard. Flavor really comes on halfway through but smokes consistently until the end. I prefer the natural slightly over the maduro but both are nice. I like the 2-2 for a quick smoke now and then but those petite corona's draw a little hot for my tastes. If you like a mild smoke you will love the 5-50.
Ken in Alameda, CA January 12, 2009
Fonseca Triangular
"One of my new favorites!"
The Fonseca 10-10 has been my favorite for a long time. The Triangular is right up there with it. It is one of the few that I enjoy more in the maduro than the natural. Try it you'll like it!
Dan in PA January 5, 2009
Fonseca 10-10
"Smooth and flavorful"
One of my favorites! Very smooth but has a nice fruity flavor.
Dan in PA December 26, 2008
Fonseca 10-10
""its all about the smoke""
Never went wrong with a Fonseca Madura, good ones or bad ones. The longer the aging the better, especially if you are lucky enough to get the bloom.
Harry in New York December 15, 2008
Fonseca Mini (10)
"No Go"
Go with the Padron Corticos Natural tin instead !!
Jeff in Chapel Hill, NC December 11, 2008
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