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Fonseca Serie 'F' Reviews

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Fonseca Serie F Robusto
"A Mellow Beauty To Smoke"
A treat to experience. I was pleased with the burn, draw, and flavor. I am going to be visiting this cigar again.
Mr. Blues in Central August 12, 2014
Fonseca Serie F Breva
"A Good Medium-Strength Offering From Fonseca"
The Fonseca Serie F the F stands for fuerte, i.e. strong is not going to replace Padron or Joya De Nicaragua as anyone s go-to choice for a full-bodied smoke. But by Fonseca standards, the Serie F is a bold blend indeed. If you are used to Fonseca s regular cabinet series the 8-9-8, the 5-50, etc. , just imagine that same flavor but spiked with a bit of ligero earthiness. The outer leaf is advertised as sun-grown Connecticut, and it retains the soft buttery finish of the shade-grown variety, but it s wrapped around a bunch with just a bit more brute force behind it than the usual Fonseca. Since receiving a box of 20 Brevas 4.75 x 43 about a week ago, I ve smoked two —one of them as soon as the box arrived— and thoroughly enjoyed them both. I am looking forward to finding out what a few months rest, and maybe a year of aging after that, will do for these already-delightful little smokes. I suspect some time in the humidor will smooth out the last third of this smoke, which is the only place where I detected any hint of bite or bitterness. I also recommend smoking them slowly. Overdrawing will heat this thing up pretty quickly, and the flawless construction ensures that you needn t worry about relighting it until, again, you ve reached that final third. I will be purchasing more of these without a doubt.
N.I. in Jefferson, LA March 8, 2014
Fonseca Serie F Robusto
"Very Good Daily Puff"
These have been my daily and not so daily puffs for the past 10 years. Pros: Good easy draw, gets flavorful after the first half-to-three quarter inch, burns well, creamy flavor and smoke, no unsightly wrapper veins, burns even. Cons: Harsh start [see above], somewhat dry [peeling band off pulls wrapper underneath even after 24 months in humi [band too tight?]], can be inconsistent in flavor [1 out of 40 or sticks], same applies to draw - 1 out of 2 boxes needs finger rolling to loosen filler. Inflation caused reduction in number of box sticks [down to 20 from 25] for the same price.
Donald in Nor Cal September 21, 2013
Fonseca Serie F Robusto
Great burn, solid ash,very good construction! Excellent cigar!!!
Plamen Yotov in Los Angeles May 19, 2013
Fonseca Serie F Robusto
Very impressed, wasn't expecting this cigar to be as good as it was. Good tobacco taste, enjoyed the sun grown wrap. Smooth smoke and overall an awesome value.
Jared in Ma June 22, 2012
Fonseca Serie F Test Flight
WC in WV May 25, 2012
Fonseca Serie F Robusto
"Best in the Sampler"
Nice flavor and light finish. Medium bodied. Didn't get harsh 3/4 of way through. Smoked it to the nub, which is more than I can say about most.
Mike in Ohio March 31, 2012
Fonseca Serie F Toro
"Great Cigar"
I thought this was a great ciger from start to finish. Even Burn, Good Ash. Consistant Flavor from start to finish. This is a cigar to come back to
transplant99 in North Carolina February 12, 2012
Fonseca Serie F Breva
"Excellent Quickie!"
This gar is filled with great flavour, nice silky smoke, and front to back smooth draw. This is the first time for me on this one and I will definitely add to my humidor! Not a real long smoker if that is what you want, but a nice even flavour from first draw to end and goes great with a nice full flavored coffee as it adds the hint of spice to it. If you haven't, then you should - try it!
Jon in Indiana December 5, 2011
Fonseca Serie F Robusto
"Ash holds on like a champ!"
The draw is perfect, the flavor is sweet, mellow and relaxing, and it burned without any problems. The ash even held on for more than half of the cigar!
Chris in New Jersey October 20, 2011
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