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Fonseca Vintage Selection Reviews

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Fonseca Vintage Robusto
"Smooth and mild but a little short on flavor."
I ordered a box of these a couple of months ago and have let them age in the old humidor. I've smoked five of them so far and have found them to be very well constructed and consistant. While they are a pleasant good drawing cigar, I feel they don't have the depth needed to call them a true winner.
Robert L. Rubalcaba in Rancho Mirage, California March 7, 2004
Fonseca Vintage Lonsdale Tube
"This is a nice cigar!"
Well made, flavorful cigar. I'm about one-third of the way through a box and they have been consistently good cigars. The regular Fonseca line is pretty good -- the Vintage line is even better and worth every cent.
Charles Pascual in Palm Harbor, Fla. June 12, 2003
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