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Great humidor. Overall great product. I could go on and on but, get this humidor if you have the opportunity. You will be happy you did.
Santonia in St. Charles May 8, 2014
"Great size, works well"
Great humidor works great got about three boxes of cigars in it and a bunch of loose one plenty of more for more. Its steady at 75%
Short in California January 16, 2014
"Massive, Well Worth It"
I purchased this humidor to replace a 50 count I owned. This thing is absolutely incredible. It only took a day to season, maintains a perfect 70% humidity, and holds a massive amount of cigars. My old humidor's stock all fit on just one tray, and this one comes with two, plus loads of room for accessories and boxes on the bottom. It also has a key and lock too. I have never been happier with this product. A must buy for any typse of smoker.
Brandon in La Grange Park, IL January 27, 2013
I find the foot locker humidor to look very presentable and very nice. I am hoping that it works out, but there is no way that it will hold 16 boxes of cigars...even with the trays out. If you are lucky you will get about 10 (with the trays out) The picture that you see....shows digital gage not a reg. gage analog? I hope that everything from here on out will work, just be wary when you buy something like this. Somethings are nice....but not practable.
Randy in JAY OK December 15, 2010
"please check reviews."
It would be nice if we are able to see inside photo as well before purchasing or commenting. There are a lot of items that don't have a better picture options specially your MERCHANDISE products.
vic sarkissian in glendale, california December 8, 2010
"Look out Cigar Monster!"
I've owned this humidor for over three years and have had plenty of enjoymnet from this unit. I installed a cigar oasis xl plus and have never looked back. Two of the best investment I made as a cigar smoker. I made some aging boxes out of La Gloria cuban serei#7 empties and drilled out holes for air circulation; they are stacked two boxes high in order to accomodate different types of cigars. A super buy! I paid more when I bought it from FSS three years ago.
Big-T in MA August 9, 2009