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Fuente Fuente OpusX Reviews

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Aniversario Destino Al Siglo Pyramid
"Fuente Toast Across America Charity 2-pack"
I attended the event last night at the J.C. Newman factory in Tampa. A wonderful charity reception. One of these special two packs was given to every attendee. No review yet, I may let them age awhile longer for some very special event in the future. The cigars look fantastic....so it s gets a 10 for appearance.
Stephen Halstead in Saint Petersburg February 2, 2014
FFOX Reserva D'chateau 2011
"Chateau de la Fuente opus x"
Has intense flavors lots of coffee and espresso with some pepper. Hints of chocolate is defiantly present and a long smoke. If you don't take your time it will make you sick, but great work of art. I get mine for $16 not $45, a bit expensive on here.
Jason in Nc March 25, 2013
Fuente Fuente OpusX For 2010
"Fantastic smoke worth every penny!"
The fabled Opus X was first introduced to me in 2006 by a fellow smoker. He described it as a smooth and tasty smoke with a nice finish. He then went on to explain how rare it is to find the cigar in shops. So when I found some, I bought as many as I could. Originally, I bought some in New Jersey for about $23 a stick. They were high priced and I was a little weary about paying that much. My friend pushed me into it and I am glad he did! The cigar is a well crafted, tastful blend of tobaccos. If you are good at lighting (I recommend stick matches whenever possible - butane is good but often causes an uneven burn due to its high heat) you'll get an even smoke that burns slow and smooth. The draw though the entire fille and binder is flawless with no plugs or other defects in the craftsmanship. The different sizes of cigars allows for a variety and allows for the newer smokers to spend a little less on this wonderful cigar. I highly recommend that anyone who finds them buys it. However, make sure you know what you are looking for in a cigar so this quality smoke is not wasted on someone who just wants to light one with his/her friends. This is in fact, the best cigar I have ever smoked!
Mike in Kentucky July 22, 2011
La Floridita Limited Edition Cigars
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