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"Great price on a great smoke"
The Camacho Triple Maduo has been my go-to cigar for special events ever since they hit the market. I was excited to see them on CigarMonster.com for such a great price! My wife was too and she dosnt even smoke.
Tony in New Bern, NC October 11, 2011
these are some of the best cigars i personally have had the pleasure of smoking
Dogboy37 in Kentucky August 3, 2011
"As Boomer says: "Aw...C'MON, MAN"!!!"
Are you kidding me?!!! This sampler HAS to be THE BEST SAMPLER of all time. All 3 cigars are truly world class. And the price is out of this world good. And so are the cigars. Each and every one of them is a world beater. The Camacho Triple Maduro has become my favorite cigar as a result of trying out this sampler. And the other two are not that far behind. They all burn perfectly, have ample flavor, and are as good at the end as they were at the beginning. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't find them to be as strong as everyone else who has writen reviews about them has steted. I simply found them to be delicious cigars, period. I had trouble putting down each and every one, and as a result, smoked each one down to the nub. Thank you, FSS, for making these amazing cigars available at such an unbelievable price. I've already ordered 4 of these samplers, and I'm about to order some more before the sale ends. This sampler has to be the best thing going.
Sam in Baltimore, MD USA July 23, 2011
"Great Full Flavor Taste, A Bargain"
rate mid 90's
Bob Pfister in Houston, Texas July 23, 2011
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