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Garcia Y Vega 1882 Reviews

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Garcia Y Vega 1882 Sweet Aromatic (5)
"i like the taste"
there is at lest one or two in ever pack that is row so hard you can not smoke
jim in elizabethtown ky February 14, 2015
Garcia y Vega 1882 Bourbon (5)
"Great Small Cigar"
Tasty smooth delivery from start to finish.
Scott in St. Cloud, MN December 6, 2014
Garcia Y Vega 1882 Sweet Aromatic (5)
"Pretty Nice"
I prefer Backwoods Sweet Aromatics to the 1882's, but the price makes the smoke a little nicer. Sometimes the 1882's taste too bitter for my liking... Tried the test flight of Ugly Coyotes. I usually dislike flavored cigars? the chocolates are delicious! BUT, with quality seemingly important once again to Backwoods, the Sweet Aromatics remain my favorite.
Sean in Maryland August 14, 2014
Garcia y Vega 1882 Bourbon (5)
"Mild Greatness"
Received these cigar gems as a sampler, like so many so far, and they are absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I ll be buying these regularly from now on. Try em, you will love them.
William in Largo, Florida July 28, 2014
Garcia y Vega 1882 Honey Berry (5)
"Simply Fantastic"
Received these as a sampler with my last order and I m loving these tasty cigars. The smell of them alone will make you want one. They re a little flimsy but other than that, I very well constructed little cigar.
William in Largo, Florida July 24, 2014
Garcia Y Vega 1882 Sweet Aromatic (5)
WOW.. I love it. So does everyone else who bums one off of me. IMO,Its a much better smoke than Backwoods. Better quality control as well. Rarely do I need to correct the burn. Very good construction, taste and draw. My favorite cheroot.
RUSSELL in TEXAS January 29, 2014
Garcia Y Vega 1882 Sweet Aromatic (5)
"good to bitter"
OK to start but turn very bitter 1/2 way through
Scott in Upstate Big Apple January 15, 2014
Garcia Y Vega 1882 Sweet Aromatic (5)
"Better than BackWoods in every way"
First and foremost when compared to Backwoods. The GyV 1882 Sweet has some quality assurance Backwoods lack. All 40 of the GyV's I smoked had a proper wrap, none too tight, falling apart, and no holes. The flavor is slightly less sweet than the BW Sweet Aromatic which I also prefer.
Scott June 29, 2013
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