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Garcia Y Vega Reviews

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Garcia Y Vega Miniatures 5 Pack
"Miss the Rums"
Great little cigars, as others have said; however, the standards are a bit too dry. They used to make Rum Reserve miniatures which were awesome! Miss those babies.
Chris in LaGrange, KY June 28, 2014
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"Excellent Quality"
One of the best machine made cigars I have ever smoked. Smooth nutty flavor with just a hint of roasted sweetness. Good body of smoke and never bitter. As you get closer to the ring portion of the cigar it can get a tad hot so best to quit there. Quick light with an even burn throughout although it burns a bit fast but I like that. Sometimes slow burning machine mades will need relights or turn harsh so I was VERY pleased with this cigar. Neat packaging and a classy looking cigar.
Jeff in Missouri May 7, 2014
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"Great little cigar"
Mild, very nice flavor, no strange aftertaste, consistent. I try all kinds and can t find a better value. Very satisfying smoke.
Richard in Myrtle Beach April 29, 2014
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"Great Cigar"
Started smoking these in the Army great for training and combat zones the hard case kept them from getting broken and going bad and I love the taste and smell never had any trouble at all with these. Even had one of the tubes hit by a bullet tore up the cigar but cut it in half and still smoked fine would highly recommend these
Steven in Indiana April 18, 2014
Garcia Y Vega Gran Premio Tubes
"Perfect cheap smoke for the back porch"
I have smoked these for years, they are a perfect cigar to relax with or to smoke with a beer or with friends, smooth and reasonably priced
John in Windber March 9, 2014
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"The deal in a lo-cost cigar."
Many years ago I worked with Joe who smoked a cigar every day on his walk home for lunch. I asked what they were and these GyV Coronas were what he had. I asked Joe, "aren't those drug store cigars?" His wise reply "I guess so, but I get a box of them at a great price and if I get one bad one, no big deal." The rest are pretty good. I'm older now and have smoked some good cigars that cost 8 to 14 dollars apiece. And for a fact, these don't compare at that level. But if you want a reasonably daily cigar at a darn good price, these are it. Good, somewhat mild flavor, even burn, nice build; what's not to like?
bykboi in Huntington Beach, CA February 3, 2014
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"Great Everyday, One a Day Smoker"
Started smoking recently and thoroughly enjoy the flavor and even burn. Consistently a very good cigar, easy to procure, and wife enjoys the aroma. Coupled with an ounce or three of gold rum......cue the sunset on the front porch.
Phill in Athens,OH August 10, 2013
Garcia Y Vega Miniatures 5 Pack
"Cigar Man"
Great little cigar for a quick smoke about 15 min great at break time or lunch time or even cutting the lawn and not have to worry about tossing it. It's a great budget cigar.
dan in hanover ma August 9, 2013
Garcia Y Vega Presidente
"Best domestic cigar available"
I have generally always smoked domestics;DM Panetelas until I discovered GyV Presidentes. They look good and taste better.They draw well and burn evenly. I buy a cigar to smoke not chew and this cigar doesn't smush out in your mouth after awhile. This cigar at a ring 41 is the perfect size being somewhat hard to find in a Dominican or Honduran cigar.
e. wayne in Texas hill country June 28, 2013
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"Great burn!"
Very smooth cigar, enjoyed it to the very bottom and it burned evenly throughout.
Peter in Michigan May 12, 2013
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