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Garcia Y Vega Reviews

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Garcia Y Vega Cigarillos Sweet & Mild (5)
These little cigarillos are a great little smoke and the discount price is unbeatable. My only gripe is that one out of five times the tab to open the a wrapper is over glued and it becomes an aggravating battle to get the cigarillo out.
Dennis T. in Sequim, Wa November 29, 2014
Garcia Y Vega Cigarillos Sweet & Mild (5)
"A Must Try"
What's not to like? They are as described. Mild, slightly sweet with a pleasant aroma. Burns real even with an easy draw. Inexpensive but you wouldn't know it. Nicely packaged to maintain freshness and a real quick smoke when time is tight. Finishes as it starts with no harshness at the end. If you like medium to robust these are not for you, though. Just a real nice mild and pleasant smoke.
Roger in Chatham NJ November 6, 2014
Garcia Y Vega Miniatures
"Really Good"
I don't know what there is not to like about these little gals. For being small, they have cigar flavor and pretty good cigar flavor at that. Great for a short time frame smoke.
John S in Fannin County Georgia August 23, 2014
Garcia Y Vega Cigarillos
"Found by accident and providence.."
Twice now, in a pinch, I ve bought the 3 for 2 pack at my local stop-n-rob. Not only were they fresh and remain that way they taste good and draw easy. Since I m an occasional smoker these are ideal. Allowed me to retire my PITA humidor :
Round&Round in Southwest August 3, 2014
Garcia Y Vega Miniatures 5 Pack
"Miss the Rums"
Great little cigars, as others have said; however, the standards are a bit too dry. They used to make Rum Reserve miniatures which were awesome! Miss those babies.
Chris in LaGrange, KY June 28, 2014
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"Excellent Quality"
One of the best machine made cigars I have ever smoked. Smooth nutty flavor with just a hint of roasted sweetness. Good body of smoke and never bitter. As you get closer to the ring portion of the cigar it can get a tad hot so best to quit there. Quick light with an even burn throughout although it burns a bit fast but I like that. Sometimes slow burning machine mades will need relights or turn harsh so I was VERY pleased with this cigar. Neat packaging and a classy looking cigar.
Jeff in Missouri May 7, 2014
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"Great little cigar"
Mild, very nice flavor, no strange aftertaste, consistent. I try all kinds and can t find a better value. Very satisfying smoke.
Richard in Myrtle Beach April 29, 2014
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"Great Cigar"
Started smoking these in the Army great for training and combat zones the hard case kept them from getting broken and going bad and I love the taste and smell never had any trouble at all with these. Even had one of the tubes hit by a bullet tore up the cigar but cut it in half and still smoked fine would highly recommend these
Steven in Indiana April 18, 2014
Garcia Y Vega Gran Premio Tubes
"Perfect cheap smoke for the back porch"
I have smoked these for years, they are a perfect cigar to relax with or to smoke with a beer or with friends, smooth and reasonably priced
John in Windber March 9, 2014
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"The deal in a lo-cost cigar."
Many years ago I worked with Joe who smoked a cigar every day on his walk home for lunch. I asked what they were and these GyV Coronas were what he had. I asked Joe, "aren't those drug store cigars?" His wise reply "I guess so, but I get a box of them at a great price and if I get one bad one, no big deal." The rest are pretty good. I'm older now and have smoked some good cigars that cost 8 to 14 dollars apiece. And for a fact, these don't compare at that level. But if you want a reasonably daily cigar at a darn good price, these are it. Good, somewhat mild flavor, even burn, nice build; what's not to like?
bykboi in Huntington Beach, CA February 3, 2014
Evolution by Rocky Patel
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!