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Garcia Y Vega Reviews

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Garcia Y Vega Gran Premio Tubes
"My favorite twice daily smoke"
I have smoked these for years and still enjoy the taste and the price. Draw improved by using nail or screw inserted approx 2-3 inches into the too small factory hole. Ash control varies but price and taste more than make up for these deficiencies. My overall rating is 85.
Benn Haynes in Bellingham, WA February 1, 2013
Garcia Y Vega Cigarillos 5 Pack
"Vegas Only"
Its simple want a slow long burning easy to roll rello well... BAM! vegas there to keep burning burning %26 burning *VegasOnly
SlowBurning in Vegavill January 9, 2013
Garcia Y Vega Gran Coronas Tubes
"Best buy anywhere"
These cigars are very near perfect. I always use a cutter for a more balanced flavor. The burn is at times a bit aggressive but they are among the best.
Steve in Mount Vernon, WA January 5, 2013
Garcia Y Vega Miniatures Vanilla Cordial 5 Pack
"Good smoking cigar"
I bought 10/5 packs. When I tried my first it was very good. I have been trying several small cigars and these are now my favorites.
Dave in Maryland December 17, 2012
Garcia y Vega English Corona (4)
smoked these for over 25 years and watched as the cigar shrank and the tube stayed the same size. sorry no more
ken in iowa December 6, 2012
Garcia Y Vega Crystal #100 3 Pack
"Very good."
I was LUCKY that this was the first cigar that I ever smoked. It is mild but very enjoyable.
Cristobal in Utah September 29, 2012
Garcia Y Vega Miniatures
"nice cigard"
Nice small cigar, very smooth, good burn. No problem to smoke 3-4 in a day
Philippe in shawinigan, quebec, canada September 14, 2012
Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes
"Great Everyday Cigar"
I found this cigar by accident and have loved it as an everyday cigar since. The Flavor and darw are worth the money.
Mark in Wisconsin August 29, 2012
Garcia Y Vega Miniatures 5 Pack
"good taste, some draw good some way too tight"
I like the taste when they draw but one to three in a pack are unsmokable because they are rolled too tight. They would be the best if there was any quality control.
steve in pleasanton, ca August 22, 2012
Garcia Y Vega Cigarillos
"For the price, you can't beat the quality."
I have to applaud Garcia Y Vega for making decent, affordable smokes. A candela wrapper on a gas station cigar??? ...that's impressive.
Andy in Brooklyn, NY August 14, 2012
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