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"Found by accident and providence.."
Twice now, in a pinch, I ve bought the 3 for 2 pack at my local stop-n-rob. Not only were they fresh and remain that way they taste good and draw easy. Since I m an occasional smoker these are ideal. Allowed me to retire my PITA humidor :
Round&Round in Southwest August 3, 2014
"For the price, you can't beat the quality."
I have to applaud Garcia Y Vega for making decent, affordable smokes. A candela wrapper on a gas station cigar??? ...that's impressive.
Andy in Brooklyn, NY August 14, 2012
"Like cigars but the wrappers are hard to open"
The wrappers are so hard to open have to use scissors to open. The cigar is good just don't like the wrappers.
in August 3, 2012
"best slow burning wrap. natural taste. been smokin"
best slow burning wrap natural taste been smokin em 4 15 years
mattea in california February 28, 2012
"Wrapping is the worst"
These cigars are the worst wrapped cigars in the world. Get ready to break at least 5 per box trying to get them out of the wrapper. They are the pits believe me and it's not my first box they are bad, bad, bad.
Bernie m in columbus nj December 28, 2011
"best cheap candela cigar"
best cheap candela cigarillo less than $5 a five pack or 2 for $2 at the local convienence store, natural wrapper, not pipe tabacco like most other cheap cigars, great for about anything goes good with beer and yardwork, and like other poster said easy to relight only negative is that for a week or so i found that they had changed the end/tip from a cut to a hole and there was odd bits and stems crammed up to the tip, thankfully only 2 cigars i've bought had that odd hole tip, other than that great smoke their all i buy, i get upset when i have to buy something different
andrew f. in lafayette indiana July 28, 2010
"Great quick smoke.."
One of the few I have found that dosen't fall apart in my mouth while working outside. Smokes well, relights well when needed.
Al in Burlington, MA August 19, 2009
"Tastes and smokes well."
This is the best cigar I have ever smoked.
Annika in Auburn, AL February 28, 2009
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