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Garcia y Vega Cigarillos Sweet & Mild (5) Reviews [view details]

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"Two Thumbs Up"
Taste great at a great price.
Michael B. in Crystal, MN January 24, 2015
"Roll Your Eyes Delicious."
These cigars are absolutely delicious. They have that tobacco taste but have a sweet taste that is not like any other. It's not sugary like a Swisher, and it's not fruity like other Cigarillos. I cannot yet describe the type of sweetness I can taste from these. As for the color they are a brownish-green the burn is OUTSTANDING overall worth it.
Carlos in Hialeah, Florida January 23, 2015
These little cigarillos are a great little smoke and the discount price is unbeatable. My only gripe is that one out of five times the tab to open the a wrapper is over glued and it becomes an aggravating battle to get the cigarillo out.
Dennis T. in Sequim, Wa November 29, 2014
"A Must Try"
What's not to like? They are as described. Mild, slightly sweet with a pleasant aroma. Burns real even with an easy draw. Inexpensive but you wouldn't know it. Nicely packaged to maintain freshness and a real quick smoke when time is tight. Finishes as it starts with no harshness at the end. If you like medium to robust these are not for you, though. Just a real nice mild and pleasant smoke.
Roger in Chatham NJ November 6, 2014
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10 Construction (96) 100
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