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Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes Reviews [view details]

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"My Personal Favorite"
This was one of the first cigars I have ever purchased, and I think, for the money, it doesn't get much better than these. They have been consistently good, and they are easy to smoke. Very good cigars.
Dave in January 30, 2012
"Just the best around"
A great every day cigar burns slow lasts longer has a better taste than that of an expensive cigar
Stephen in Buckingham VA January 2, 2012
"Mild, well made, good burning cigar."
Mild, well made, good burning cigar.
Joe Capodice in New Jersey August 23, 2011
"mild, flavorful, great finish."
almost a petit corona, good machine build. needs to be bored out a bit for an easy draw. stable burn, stable flavor to the end, light short delightful finish. sweet aroma with many subtle flavor overtones. and a great price to boot!
John B. in JC Mo. July 22, 2011
"A very pleasant cigar"
No one will ever confuse a Garcia y Vega English Corona with a Padron, but for what it is, it's a pleasant little smoke. And it's totally no maintanance. No humidor needed. No cutter needed. No fancy torch lighter needed. Just open the tube, light it up with whatever's handy, and sit back for the next 40 minutes or so and enjoy a mild smoke with a little sweetness that simply burns perfectly. That's probably the thing I like most about these cigars -- they burn easy. They're not too full or too lightly packed, and they burn straight from start to finish. No need to touch 'em up. Just light 'em up and enjoy 'em. They've got a fair amount of flavor to boot. So for a short filler machine made cigar, these English Coronas are made about as well as a cigar of this type can be made.
Sam in Maryland July 15, 2011
For the price this cigar was very well made. The burn is a pencil tip, due to the way the cigar was rolled known as booking. Make sure you re-cut, the factory hole is much to small. Shoot lots of pictures, this cigar is pretty cool looking.
in June 8, 2011
"Wasn't a Smoker"
Listening to the Cigar Generals Radio Program on Saturday nights, I found myself wanting to try cigars myself. GyV English Coronas drew my attention and have been smoking them a couple a days a week. For "not being a smoker," I really enjoy my Coronas. I think about trying others, but haven't found the right one to try and in no hurry to try others, but some day soon, I will.
Art Cordova in Tucson, AZ March 17, 2011
"Good cigar, Affordable price"
I just tried one of these and I have to say they're a good buy for someone who cant always afford the higher end cigar. I like the natural leaf wrapper look, and it had a slightly earthy taste at first then a pleasent nutty flavor, although I do prefer stronger cigars. the pre cut hole was rather difficult to draw so I had to widen it a bit. Overall, the perfect example of an affordable and good quality cigar.
Jordan in MA November 11, 2010
"Great smoke, better price"
Wow. These cigars are right on par with the ones I buy at the tobacconist. Great constrution along with excellent tobacco make for a wonderfully smooth and nutty sweet smoke. Hands down the best cigar in the CVS. With this price, your really getting a sweet deal. I am a maduro man myself, but lately I've been wanting to find a mild cigar that I could stand. I tried the GyV minis, but had to force my way through the 5pak, got through 3paks of Dutch masters, but then decided to give the ole corona a try. Absolutly loved it. You will not be disapointed!
Eddie in Dallas, TX April 15, 2009
"A Must-Buy-Again Cigar"
I am not the biggest fan of machine rolled cigars, but the English Coronas are on a diffrent level. Although the punch at the tip isn't perfect, the rest of the cigar is almost at hand rolled perfection. The color is wonderful, and being darker than a casual wrapper, it is a bit sweeter, which blends perfect with the choice tobacco in the wad. This is a must smoke cigar, and I'm sure would taste even better in time, with a little help from my humidor. a real 9/10. Not perfect, but a cost effective approach to it.
Patrick in Albany NY October 28, 2008
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