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Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubes Reviews [view details]

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"One hell of a cigar"
My first cigar was a GyV blunt. I smoked them for a few months and they started to taste different from when I started. I switched to the GyV english coronas and have enjoyed them for almost a year. Great cigar for the price.
Will in Pittsburgh September 21, 2008
good buy and price
joe in az August 18, 2008
"The search stops here for a great cigar"
As a lover of mild cigars I've sampled every brand from machine to hand rolled and from inexpensive to top dollar sticks. None have compared to the Garcia Vega English Corona. A champion! My search is over.
Bill in Tampa Bay June 1, 2008
"my favorite"
this was the first corona that I ever smoked and overall i liked it better than anything that i've ever smoked
jack in May 30, 2008
"Great taste - Mild enuf to inhale -"
I save the tube in case I don't have time to smoke the complete cigar. Put unsmoked portion of the cigar for later. Stays fresh. No Waste
Chuck in Perul Il. April 24, 2008
"Best value for a machine role"
I smoke em once a day. Like it or not!
Bart in Nashville, TN March 13, 2008
"Satisfaction unsurpassed by any other cigar."
I've had the pleasure of smoking G&V English Corona for @ least 25 years, & on occusion tried other brands & styles, but always come back to G&V English Corronas. A mild smoke, & if you havn't tried one I suggest you do. You'll be a believer as I am.
Robert Hio in California September 11, 2007
"A great daily smoke"
I love smoking the premium, hand made puros. But as I started smoking more cigars per day, naturally, it was getting a bit too expensive. I've tried most of the machine made smokes available at local drug stores, and most I wouldn't smoke again. The GyV however is a good tasting smoke at a great price. And although I originally thought the tubes were just a novelty on a machine made smoke, I've found it does in fact keep them fresher and safe (even shoved in your back pocket). If you need a good daily smoke, but are spoiled by the puros, this cigar is a great place to start looking.
Jason in Youngstown September 2, 2007
"Very good all around cigar"
You will not find a better cigar at this price. Even draw and good taste. This has become my everyday smoke. I can't believe that anyone who tries it would be disappointed.
Andrew in Virginia June 4, 2007
"Its alright"
Garcia Y Vegas are decent cigars but more importantly they are cheap and carried almost everywhere.If for whatever reason you don't have the money for better cigars this is the only one a gas station has that are meant to be smoked as oposed to the cigars that are meant to be hollowed out and filled with weed
Gene in CA March 3, 2007
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