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Garcia Y Vega Game Reviews

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Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Green
"The Best"
This is my absolute favorite brand to smoke out of. The smoke is smooth, pulling is easy, and it smokes like a dream. Its so easy to roll whether you want to unravel it or split it. The leaves dont come apart like other brands. Id say this is by far the best brand to smoke with.
Jerry in FL May 3, 2014
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Green (4)
"Good Mild Daily Smoke"
Very happy with these. Good mild daily smoke at a good price. Will buy more.
LifeOnAString in NE May 21, 2013
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Green (4)
"Great start, rough finish."
Worth a buck each for sure.
Anthony S in New Jersey April 14, 2013
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Smooth and Mild"
This a great buy :) smooth mild tastes sweet
William F in Silicon Valley USA February 5, 2012
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Best for the price"
Great for people who don't want to throw away over a hundred dollars on a box of cigars. Just the kind of smoke you're looking for if you're not a pampered prick with a lot of money.
Chris in Maine August 29, 2011
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Great smoke!"
Great $1 smoke. One of the best. For those who don't like them, stick with your $5 smoke.
Curtis in Peoria, IL August 2, 2011
GyV Game Palma Wine Upright
I just had one of these tonight, and after having a backwoods before, these were amazing. Really great for the price.
Graeme in Mass June 19, 2011
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Wine
"Love these"
I love to sit outside during the summer and have one of these cigars. Especially with a strongly spiced local wine we have here called Sweet Mountain Spice. That wine and these cigars go together like yin and yang- it's amazing!
Garrett in WV January 7, 2011
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla Upright
"Nice, inexpensive smoke."
Overall, a nice inexpensive smoke. A little lacking in flavor, but great with a cup of coffee to start the day. I enjoy smoking one in the garage while listening to the radio and working on the car. Aroma is great! I like the draw and burn characteristics. Are there better cigars, most definitely. For the price, I find them more than acceptable and enjoy this one!
Rob in Sunbury, Ohio December 12, 2010
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Green (4)
"Great Smoke For The Price"
Received some as a gift and have been a loyal smoker ever since. Easy draw, even burn, great pre light aroma. I've turned several of my friends on to them.
E.J in Atlanta December 10, 2010
La Floridita Gold