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Garcia Y Vega Game Reviews

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Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Green (4)
"Good Mild Daily Smoke"
Very happy with these. Good mild daily smoke at a good price. Will buy more.
LifeOnAString in NE May 21, 2013
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Green (4)
"Great start, rough finish."
Worth a buck each for sure.
Anthony S in New Jersey April 14, 2013
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Smooth and Mild"
This a great buy :) smooth mild tastes sweet
William F in Silicon Valley USA February 5, 2012
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Best for the price"
Great for people who don't want to throw away over a hundred dollars on a box of cigars. Just the kind of smoke you're looking for if you're not a pampered prick with a lot of money.
Chris in Maine August 29, 2011
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Great smoke!"
Great $1 smoke. One of the best. For those who don't like them, stick with your $5 smoke.
Curtis in Peoria, IL August 2, 2011
GyV Game Palma Wine Upright
I just had one of these tonight, and after having a backwoods before, these were amazing. Really great for the price.
Graeme in Mass June 19, 2011
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Wine
"Love these"
I love to sit outside during the summer and have one of these cigars. Especially with a strongly spiced local wine we have here called Sweet Mountain Spice. That wine and these cigars go together like yin and yang- it's amazing!
Garrett in WV January 7, 2011
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla Upright
"Nice, inexpensive smoke."
Overall, a nice inexpensive smoke. A little lacking in flavor, but great with a cup of coffee to start the day. I enjoy smoking one in the garage while listening to the radio and working on the car. Aroma is great! I like the draw and burn characteristics. Are there better cigars, most definitely. For the price, I find them more than acceptable and enjoy this one!
Rob in Sunbury, Ohio December 12, 2010
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Green (4)
"Great Smoke For The Price"
Received some as a gift and have been a loyal smoker ever since. Easy draw, even burn, great pre light aroma. I've turned several of my friends on to them.
E.J in Atlanta December 10, 2010
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Smoking Nothing"
Unfortunately, I was not happy with this smoke. It was like smoking hot air. There was nothing to it, no taste, no smoke, nothing.
cwazy like a fox in boca raton December 6, 2010
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