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Garcia Y Vega Game Reviews

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Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Smoking Nothing"
Unfortunately, I was not happy with this smoke. It was like smoking hot air. There was nothing to it, no taste, no smoke, nothing.
cwazy like a fox in boca raton December 6, 2010
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"My favorite Cigar yet"
Best cigar in it's price range
Jon M in ATL October 7, 2010
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Green (4)
"Pretty good for a cheapie"
What really caught my attention at first was the pre light aroma....kind of like one of those pipe tobacco cigars. It has a nice candela wrapper, well made with an easy draw and an even burn. This is much better than a lot of those "mixed filler" handmade cigars. Very mild and consistent.
Ray in Arizona September 19, 2010
Garcia y Vega Game Palma Vanilla (4)
"Great smooth smoke, love the vanilla flavor"
If your looking for a smooth vanilla mild cigar then these are for you. You won't be disappointed with this cigar. My brother and I throughly enjoy the flavor and smoothness along with a cold beer. How sweet it is.
Mike in Augusta September 4, 2010
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Can't beat for the price."
Handed these out a party last night and everybody loved them.
Pat W in Redding, California August 29, 2010
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"not good"
not good. not even close
JTW in SLC, UT August 21, 2010
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Green
not worth 75 cents
Jesse in SLC, UT August 21, 2010
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Great flavor Good burn"
If you enjoy a good vanilla cigar that's a step up from the 5 to a pack skinnies. Then this is for you. A mild smoke with a true taste of vanilla. Nothing better than after a hard day at work, to go on the deck with a beer and a Game Vanilla.
Will in NJ June 27, 2010
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Vanilla
"Gas Station Material"
When I ordered these I expected something similar to Tatiana, they are cheaply made, ultra lightly packs and the looks are horrible. If you consider yourself TPT (trailer park trash) and your cigar store is the local gas station... this is your cigar, if not, buy something else....
Emilio in Milford, CT December 4, 2009
Garcia Y Vega Game Palma Green (4)
"Great Mild Flavorable Cigar"
Fantastic Mild Cigar with a pipe-like aroma. Each cigar smokes the same. Easy draw, rich texture and wrapper. Sweet but very mild taste. Special Smoke.
Ray in Colorado September 4, 2009
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Amilcar Perez Castro
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!