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Garcia y Vega Miniatures 5 Pack Reviews [view details]

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"Miss the Rums"
Great little cigars, as others have said; however, the standards are a bit too dry. They used to make Rum Reserve miniatures which were awesome! Miss those babies.
Chris in LaGrange, KY June 28, 2014
"Cigar Man"
Great little cigar for a quick smoke about 15 min great at break time or lunch time or even cutting the lawn and not have to worry about tossing it. It's a great budget cigar.
dan in hanover ma August 9, 2013
"good taste, some draw good some way too tight"
I like the taste when they draw but one to three in a pack are unsmokable because they are rolled too tight. They would be the best if there was any quality control.
steve in pleasanton, ca August 22, 2012
"Smooth taste"
For an inexpensive cigar, these taste great and are extremely smooth. Sometimes the draw is hard, opening a passage may be needed.
Charles H in Des Moines Iowa January 6, 2012
"Difficult to draw rolled to tight"
difficult to draw, new wrappers are not easy to unwrap so you dammage 1 or 2 per pak I smoke 10 per day and enjoy them when they are not rolled to tight please redo tne new wrappers thank you
Dana Flint in Nashua N.H. May 25, 2011
"Too expensive"
Priced to High, other sellers are at around 24.00
j in Mn September 6, 2010
"Absolutely TERRIBLE"
If you are desperate for a cigar, buy something else. These smell nice on the outside, but once you get them lit, it goes down hill fast. Tastes like horse manure and splinters. Literally, left my breath tasting, and smelling like crap the entire following day. These burn hot, and fast, like a cigarette. Even most of the other Garcia Vegas I have smoked are not good at all. Please, try something else next time you are in the gas station.
Sean in Florida November 26, 2009
"Alright Cigar"
This was my first cigar, and it wasn't bad. Its got a good taste, but the construction is pretty bad. It burns unevenly and 3/5 of the cigars I got in the pack either had soft spots on the body, or they were cracked. Overall its a good, cheap cigar for beginners or for someone who wants to enjoy a quick smoke.
Justin Darcey in California October 14, 2007
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