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General Honduran Bundles Reviews

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General Honduran #10
"Great everyday cigar...."
I like a cigar with my morning coffee, or to replenish my energy on a busy day. If you are like me, and you are like me and can t afford to smoke premiums everyday, this is a good choice. I just finished off my first bundle and I recommend them. It is just the right size for a quick break from work, it delivess honest tobacco flavor, and it burns and draws quite well, delivers a cloud of agreeable smoke. It is a little rustic looking, but I like the rustic look, it reminds me of cigars from the 19th Century. It s not my favorite everyday cigar, but I will buy again for sure.
David in Washington DC September 18, 2014
General Honduran #10
"Simple and honest smoke"
Half way through the bundle I just purchased, I must say I like this simple, uncomplicated and honest smoke. Construction is okay, burn is even, and it has real tobacco flavor and kick. No, it s not a premium cigar, but I like it. Sort of like what i imagine a 19th Century smoke was like...I will buy again.
David September 2, 2014
General Honduran #10
"Best in its Class"
Complex? No. Beautifully constructed? No. Best 40-minute yard-gar on the planet? Definitely.
MacBryan in Malaysia July 7, 2014
General Honduran #10
"Robust and smooth"
Ive smoked cubans for a time, and these hoyo seconds are deliciously similar. As a 2dollar stick, these gems are famous smokes best kept secret!
Mike in Orlando May 3, 2014
General Honduran #54
"...not bad..."
I got a bundle of these based on the price and favourable reviews. This is a decent cigar the burns nicely and has a reasonable taste.
Joe in Ottawa Canada April 21, 2014
General Honduran #59
"Me Likey"
My go-to favorite in my humidor. Big, smooth, cheap. Me likey!
Joe in Ottawa Canada April 21, 2014 March 22, 2014
General Honduran #37
"Best dollar cigar I ve had lately."
A pleasant surprise. An actual cigar for a dollar+, and from Honduras at that.
He Who Knows in Western Hemisphere March 3, 2014
General Honduran #59
The first bundle I bought was terrific. But, the last bundle had cigars with firm draw, poor construction stems sticking out from the wrapper, etc , and uneven burn. But, the taste was still very good. Not bad for a stick that costs less that two bucks. I will buy them again, warts and all.
William in Texas January 30, 2014
General Honduran #59
"Smooth, long-lasting"
These behemoths are quite smooth, and are now in regular rotation when I want a long-lasting smoke. Draw can be a little tight and the taste is quite mild and not very distinctive, but at this price, that seems like nitpicking.
William in Texas January 30, 2014 January 26, 2014
General Honduran #59
"For the money, I have been unable to beat it."
Well made, burns evenly, and it draws easily. Tastes very good. I have ordered another bundle and if it is as good as the one I recently got, I am going to load up.
William B. Mason in Texas December 27, 2013
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