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General Honduran Bundles Reviews

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General Honduran #59
An excellent cigar. Well made and flavorful. At about $2 each, they may be the best value I've found.
Peter in Md December 21, 2013
General Honduran #54
"Very Good Value"
Never know what you get with a bundle, but this was a very nice surprise. Great for golf course and yard work.
Peter in Md December 21, 2013 September 2, 2013
General Honduran #59
"Same as Punch/Hoyo"
These are the same as the Punch Pita/Hoyo Governor. I compared them with the genuine article and the "Consuegra" seconds from the same factory. Good smoke!
Brian E in Pleasanton CA July 18, 2012
General Honduran #54
"Great daily smoke"
Every time these pop up on sale I pick up a few bundles. Good solid everyday smoke. I am yet to have a bad one and I am on my third bundle. Highly recommend for an everyday smoke.
Zach in Ventura CA June 17, 2011
General Honduran #54
"Very Good Daily Smoke"
I enjoy these and have made it my daily smoke. They are consistent and I am yet to have a bad one. I have bought three bundles and all have been good. Best low cost stick I have ever had.
Zach in Ventura CA June 1, 2011
General Honduran #54
"Wonderfull for the new smoker"
These are 4 and 1/2 inches of great smoking pleasure, and im new to this. The 54 naturals are also great
C in ohio May 20, 2011
General Honduran #62
"no attributes worth rating"
They are no way like what is coming out of the factory. Poor taste, and the rest of their attributes are the same, they are way over stated in their write up.
Bob in ca September 22, 2009
General Honduran #10
"Best Cigar I've Found for Around $1 per Stick"
When my first bundle arrived, I loaded them into the humidor, lit one, and thought to myself, "not bad...". It was well constructed, burned fairly evenly, and had an acceptable flavor. The only negative was that the draw was slightly harder than I normally like, but some of that may be attributable to the small ring size (42). A few weeks later, I was smoking one on my 30 mile commute to work and it struck me that the flavor was becoming noticeably better - nice! After a few more weeks and getting the environment in my humidor under control, I realized that, in terms of taste, the General #10 was on a par with cigars that typically cost 3x or 4x more than the $1.30 or so per stick that Famous charges for these. My sense of taste has more or less gone south in the last ten years, so I can't extol the virtues of flavor like other reviewers ("subtle undertone of eastern Washington grown bing cherries along with summer-picked Sumatran coffee beans'), but I can still tell the difference in taste between a quality cigar and the tobacco wrapped medical waste that predominates in the buck a stick market niche. This is one fine cigar that is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. In fact, I like it so well, I just ordered four more bundles.
Terry in Redmond, WA August 16, 2009
General Honduran #10
Tastes just like a Punch maduro,SERIOUSLY!If you need the bands and boxes to impress someone look elsewhere.But,if you're looking at the bundle section and reading this you,like me, are not rich but love a good cigar.This tax thing blows and this is the way to beat it!They don't look the best, but taste FANTASTIC.Try 'em!
Ampdrum in Vista,CA April 27, 2009
General Honduran #10
"Rich, maduro flavor on the cheap"
Rich, sweet flavor. Medium body. The wrapper is not perfect in appearance, but the draw and burn is fine. The flavor profile didn't seem to develop much if at all through the burn, as you might find with a more expensive cigar, but the taste remained good; never turning bitter. Towards the very end, a slightly menthol effect on the lips. Very nice for the price.
Madrok in Virginia April 16, 2009
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