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General Honduran Bundles Reviews

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General Honduran #54
"The Jury's Still Out...."
It's a decent smoke for the price. Good draw and burn, well constructed. Looking forward to seeing how they age!
T.J. in Central Jersey April 4, 2008
General Honduran #10
"Excellent Smoke - Excellent Price!"
Great cigar! I have purchased a couple of bundles and have been very satisfied! With the exception of a few that have been hard to draw, the remaining were very good. Construction good, burns even and tastes somewhat like a Hoyo Corona with a rich flavor and a hint of spice. This is now my nightly smoke while winding down before bed! Gonna buy a few more bundles so that they may "rest" in the humidor a while.
R Jones in Loveland, CO April 3, 2008
General Honduran #10
"Will Buy Again"
Nice feel, good construction, long, white & tight ash, nice flavor, even burn. Firm, enjoy when playing poker for a quick smoke about 15 to 20 mins. I am ordering more today.
Dan in Arlington, Tn March 21, 2008
General Honduran #61
"shes cheap and sexy .... its a physical thing !!!"
the aroma of these stogies ,, i cant stop smoking them . my lord is sending me to hell for this one ,iam enjoying these stogies way too much.evey thing about them is right on.try a few or a fiver of your choice, if you dont like them send them to me . you know where to find me ,,, 666 s hwy to hell 11111. thx a puente
a.puente in VISALIA. CA March 20, 2008
General Honduran #62
All this hogwash about such and such a cigar is made at the same factory as such and such other cigar... well, THIS cigar is proof positive that such talk is a red flag, and that the name dropping, wanna be, pretend to be cigar is actually crap.... and tastes NOTHING like the names being dropped. At least they're not plugged... I give them that. Not much else can be said.
Joe in Eastlake, OH January 29, 2008
General Honduran #59
I have "tried" to smoke four of these from the bundle so far. Even with a draw poker I could not get any draw on the first 3, and the fourth I got some smoke but it was like sucking on a straw. Took way to much energy to even try to smoke these. Wrapper felt dirty and it unwound very quickly. I couldn't even tell you if the cigar had any flavor. These are the worst cigars I have bought from Famous Smoke Shop in the past 6 years. Save your money, try something else.
Gregg in Gillette, WY May 30, 2007
General Honduran #10
"Not bad for the Price"
For an everyday smoke not too bad. Ash was a bit weak, cigar overall is a little soft, draw is easy but can make it a bit hot if your not careful, burn was very even, strength medium and flavor a bit acidic tasting toward the end.
Willie in New Mexico March 6, 2007
General Honduran #61
"Take your time and Let um Age a little"
First off this is a good value but i'm gonna try the #54s to save a few bucks. I love this cigar. It's perfect for knockin around the house and light enough to smoke back to back. Not quite as good as the Excalibur #3 but taste is close. Lt and creamy with hints of spice and clean finish. It will get a little harsh if you don't leave it in the humi for over a month or if you try to smoke it like your linda lovelace. Not that I do that sort of thing. Well anyway let it cool, and let it age, good value.
Bigjonstudd in LA October 30, 2006
General Honduran #10
"I love these cigars!!"
I love these cigars! I've bought several bundles (from Famous-Smoke and local stores). With very few exceptions, all have burned well and I love the spicy taste and aroma. They have become my favorite "everyday" smoke, and I prefer them to a number of much costlier cigars I've tried. Really a good, low cost maduro.
Scott in Hawaii July 30, 2006
General Honduran #61
I bought 4 singles, intrigued by where they are made. The first one tasted like a Sharpie marker, second one tasted like a turd dipped in turpentine, third and fourth ones went in the trash.
Mark in Hicktown, MI June 10, 2006
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