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General Honduran #10 Reviews [view details]

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"Great everyday cigar...."
I like a cigar with my morning coffee, or to replenish my energy on a busy day. If you are like me, and you are like me and can t afford to smoke premiums everyday, this is a good choice. I just finished off my first bundle and I recommend them. It is just the right size for a quick break from work, it delivess honest tobacco flavor, and it burns and draws quite well, delivers a cloud of agreeable smoke. It is a little rustic looking, but I like the rustic look, it reminds me of cigars from the 19th Century. It s not my favorite everyday cigar, but I will buy again for sure.
David in Washington DC September 18, 2014
"Robust and smooth"
Ive smoked cubans for a time, and these hoyo seconds are deliciously similar. As a 2dollar stick, these gems are famous smokes best kept secret!
Mike in Orlando May 3, 2014
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10 Consistency 100
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10 Draw 100
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